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Aqua Parcs at Willen Lake

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

When packing for this excursion I couldn’t help but take the word “aqua” quite literally and match my pre-adventure look to this shade. I packed towels, hair ties, flip flops, some sunscreen and I was on my way! As the photo shows, I chose a Tory Burch beach bag, blue toned scarf, dress and earrings for the day’s “LEWK” and set out to Willen Lake. I’d been there before, just a few times for a casual stroll. It’s beautiful any time of year but late Summer proved to be a great time to visit. A nice breeze but still warm.

Arriving at the venue I was immediately greeted by the staff at reception. Kieran not only set us up with wristbands, lockers etc. but he graciously answered a few questions I had (Will my hair get messed up?…just kidding!) and explained how everything worked. This informative conversation really put me at ease.

My husband Alan and I then ventured over to the changing areas and donned our protective, super slimming wet suits provided for us. YOU GUYS! Can I wear one of these all the time? It’s like full body spanx! Way more comfortable and easier to put on than I expected. As illustrated in my IG video I felt like the consummate professional in my stylish wet suit and sauntered down to the safety briefing. There we met a few more staff members, including Joe who was so fun to chat with and assured us we’d have a fabulous time.

…and did we EVER! Though I couldn’t take my phone with me I took a few snaps of my initial jump into the water. Positively exhilarating! The water is much cleaner than I expected and was a nice temperature. I would’ve enjoyed just swimming around really! But onto the inflatable obstacle course we went. It took me a bit to get my footing (it’s rather slippery so next time I may don water shoes) it was actually a really great cardio workout. I know the kids that were near us loved the thrill of the slides and steps and all but for me I really took advantage of the “workout”. Then again I did try a slide or two to connect with my inner 6 year old. Turns out she’s still there and enjoys splashing about and acting a fool! Alan and I had a case of the giggles watching each other slip and slide around the course. Hilarious!

I would most definitely recommend Aqua Parcs to families. Simply for the sheer fun of it all and because it’s a safe, fun bonding activity that could really bring you closer. For me, my husband and my friends though I know what we loved the most about it…an escape from reality for a bit! A chance to let loose and get a nice bit of exercise at the same time.

Thank you Aqua Parcs for having us!

**For your own Aqua Parcs adventure follow this link to book HERE! Special thanks to Leigh at Perception PR for connecting us.

**Link to my AquaParcs Instagram story video: CLICK HERE

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