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“ASK VAL” — How to wear a FULL LENGTH skirt…

“I’m not comfortable wearing short skirts. Are longer skirts ok or out of date?” — Audrey (Dallas, TX)

Thanks for your question, Audrey! There is certainly nothing wrong with not being comfortable in a mini. Most women aren’t! And whatever you’re wearing…being comfortable and being confident ALWAYS goes hand in hand.

I’m happy to report that long skirts are having a BIG moment. I personally have always been a fan. (Nothing makes you feel more like a Princess than having to delicately lift your skirt to climb stairs!) But while long skirts were once thought of as “old fashioned” or only for balls and operas, now they are regarded as a part of every trendy girls wardrobe. A long skirt in the evening is great but to give a fresh spin on it why don’t you try one for daytime? A soft, flawy, pleated version with a T-shirt and a funky necklace, topped off with a denim jacket is all you need! Flats are even ok, if you feel like it! Though I always feel more comfortable in a low kitten heel.

Another cool way to wear it is with a big, chunky boyfriend sweater. Proving that the full length skirt is season-less AND thanks to the coverage it looks great on anyone. Put your own personal touch on it. Let me know how you rock it, Audrey! 😉

PS: In my last Fashion Blog Photoshoot I incorporated a full length skirt for you to cover in a separate article. Keep an eye out for it! Thanks for inspiring the outfit!

I’ve compiled a few photos here so you can see a few more “Pinterest”-ing ways to get the look… (



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