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Barbie Boulevard


Being a real life Barbie requires a few things:

  1. Big Hair

  2. Bubbly Personality

  3. Unapologetically GIRLY outfits

For these reasons I am thrilled when someone compares the way I dress to Barbie. We do, after all, changes outfits several times per day. Why? Because, like Barbie, I am always willing to outwardly express every sartorial passion I have. One day I’m a flight attendant. One day I’m a serious business woman. But most days? I’m just a girl. A really, really GIRLY girl.

It’s easy to embrace the whimsy of “Barbie dressing” in a cheerful color and a punchy print. Both are illustrated here in a Vintage 1980’s yellow P.V. Rich dress, bought at Dechoes Resale in Orlando. I added my own cinch belt (SUPER important to define the waist) and basic accessories with feminine twists. The beige wedges have a bow detail at the toe and the Wonka-esque sunnies come with a fun swirl!

The denim jacket was in no way necessary on a hot day in Ybor, City shooting with @Gunther_Chanel but if I were back in Los Angeles (which I miss TREMENDOUSLY) this would be an easy, casual piece to throw on in the chill of the night. And speaking of chill…who doesn’t travel with their own champagne? Not me, that’s for sure.

This outfit is perfect for brunches, lunches and day dates with Ken. Whom I have misplaced by the way. He took off in my hot pink Corvette and I haven’t seen him since! Life in plastic? Not so fantastic…

Have fun with Summer Fashion, my friends! It’s coming to an end soon.



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