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Bella Bag:


Every fashionista knows that half the fun of finding a great store is sharing the great news with her friends! I am so thrilled to be able to recommend a new brand for you that I know you’ll LOVE. So, I happily present:

With EVERY bag being 64 dollars and under I was super impressed with the quality of the “Bella” bag I ordered. In fact all of the bags are affordable, fashion forward and will no doubt get compliments from strangers every time you wear it. This was VERY true of the “Bella”. I loved that it was a rich berry shade that will blend seamlessly into my Fall wardrobe when it’s time to transition! The sparkle of the crystals and gold hardware adds just enough flare to make it stand out yet still retain the sophisticated look of a much more expensive bag.

I wanted to show you just how versatile “Bella” is so I’ve gussied it up three different ways. Let’s break it down…


This would be the perfect head to toe look for the fantasy office job I’ve always wanted! (In wrestling and modeling, we aren’t exactly encouraged to dress conservatively!) I chose a white chiffon blouse to balance the sharp lines of the vest. A simple black pencil skirt and low heels seemed appropriate also. To tie in the “sparkle” of the “Bella” I chose one fun accessory: a gold “Betsey Johnson”serpent necklace!



The “Bella” is your perfect “Weekend” partner! With soft jersey cargo pants and a floaty vest I am the poster child for comfortable loungewear. I added some embellished flat shoes and a vintage belt to match “Bella”‘s gold hardware. This would be perfect for a casual lunch or running errands. The muted color palette really let’s “Bella” shine on her own!



Cocktails anyone? Make it a cosmo to match my purse, please! I love the combination of this green dress as the backdrop to the “Bella”. The bag is super easy to match even with bolder colors, especially if you keep it in the jewel tones family. Clinique’s “berry fusion” lipstick, a big bold gold tassel necklace from “Topshop” in London and nude pumps took this look straight into party mode!


If you love this bag and want to find similar styles at great prices I have a fantastic offer courtesy of the fabulous folks from! Use the promo code “SoCalVal20” at checkout and receive 20% off of your entire order! Be sure to tweet a photo of you and your “64Bag” and send it to me so I can see how you styled it! So tell your friends, follow me on Twitter (@SoCalValerie) and don’t forget to include @64Bags in your post!

Ciao, Bella! 😉

(Click the link below to start shopping…)



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