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Black, White & Cobalt Blue

Black, White & Cobalt Blue


What I wore…

Sunglasses: Michal Kors (Unisex) Sweater: Target Faux Fur Shrug: River Island Leather-look Leggings: Miley Cyrus for WalMart (shocking, eh?) Purse: Tory Burch “Reva” Clutch Shoes: Nine West

Musical Inspiration: “Female Robbery” by The Neighbourhood

When traveling to New York I often feel the need to channel my “Model Off Duty” street style. Which to me means cool, a bit unpolished, lots of black and ALWAYS a touch of leather. There are so many people working in Fashion in the NY airports. You never know who’s watching… 😉 I love that kind of pressure!

This outfit was so fun to wear for many reasons. I often don’t wear “edgy” looks so it was a nice escape from my prim and proper persona. What especially excited me were these cobalt blue heels that I’ve owned for years from Nine West. They are definitely not purple though they look a little purple on camera. Isn’t that interesting? I love wearing them with a basic color palette so it’s a nice shock of color.

Also, let these Unisex glasses from Michael Kors remind you to never neglect mens accessories when you shop. I’ve found sunglasses, ties, fedoras etc. that I’ve mixed in with my feminine outfits.

And finally take a look at the silouhette here. The leggings are so tight that an oversized sweater was the best option. Especially since it’s daytime. Anything tight on top could cross the line into vulgar.

It’s high time you start planning your own daring “Airport Outfit”, don’t you agree? Safe travels, my fashionable friends.

–V. xoxo

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