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Calvin At The Shard

One of my favorite things about being a fashion blogger is having the excuse to branch out of my own sartorial comfort zone. I often try new trends and silhouettes that at first glance don’t appeal to me. I then challenge myself to put my own twist on them. However, there are certain dependable designers that never…EVER…fail to spark my interest. The timeless designs of American fashion icon Calvin Klein are reliable, elegant and never a fashion “risk”. What’s amazing is the insouciant whisper of sex appeal in his garments. There is something sensual about this “simple” yet chic black and white dress. Is it the fact that it resembles a trench coat? (No flashing necessary!) Is it the slight hint of “naughty nurse”? Or is it the fact that it looks expensive, put together and sophisticated? I think it’s all of these elements rolled into one classy, easy-to-wear look.

Touring London with my dear photographer friend Jon, we decided the perfect backdrop for this classic piece would be a London staple: The Shard. I added the little Union Jack flag clutch as a nod to the city, which we overlooked between sips of champagne! If you’ve never been, let me assure you that The Shard is the epicenter of London society. At Oblix (Check them out and make your reservations here!) located on the 32nd floor of The Shard, you can you appreciate the beauty, history and majesty of England’s capital.

Funny how an American, wearing an American designer dress feels so at home in this country. Is it the champagne that’s making me feel swoony? Nah. Must be the dress…. 😉



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