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Challenge Yourself: Army Green


What I wore…

Sunglasses: Express Jacket: Chicos Belt: Express Top: Serious Sally (Purchased in Hamburg, Germany) Denim Leggings: Hue Clutch: Vintage Boots: Antonio Melani

Musical Inspiration: “Let it Go” by The Neighbourhood

This outfit really had me pushing my fashion boundaries. I am wearing three things most of my friends never see me in. Especially all together….

1.) Jeans 2.) Hoop Earrings 3.) Ponytail

But what is important to remember is that having certain looks that don’t seem very “You” is totally ok! I take pride in being able to re-work anything that usually wouldn’t interest me and make an outfit that I feel comfortable in. With adding some sparkle and polish to the look I still feel like…..ME!

Whether it’s a hairdo you don’t particularly “love” on you or a color that normally you’d shy away from…..Try it! Be bold, my fashion friends! You may surprise yourself. 😉

–Valerie W. xoxo

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