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Cinderella Moment

Cinderella Moment


There is something magical about wearing a gown. The swish of the fabric as you walk, especially in floaty chiffon as pictured here, makes you feel…in a word: regal. I love that a long hemline forces you to pick the skirt up in true princess fashion as you ascend a staircase. Maybe it’s the 5 year old in me that saw “Cinderella” WAY too many times that found a way to pretend I’m in my own romantic fairytale?

I originally titled this story “The Power of a Gown” because I wanted to convey how bold a statement a floor length hemline really is. It’s a guaranteed “wow” moment. It’s memorable. It’s timeless. And if you’re brave enough to stand out at a party (and I think you should…) you may find that once you “go long” it’s hard to appreciate a miniskirt in the same way ever again. A cool confidence comes comes from wearing a gown that may encourage you to stand a little straighter and move a little more gracefully. Which are both fantastic habits to adopt!

This beautiful indigo River Island gown had me swooning the moment I saw it. I discovered they also make this dress in emerald green (equally gorgeous) and in a shorter hemline. Long however was a must in this recent Editorial Photoshoot I did on a VERY windy downtown Toronto rooftop.

Now that you’ve (hopefully) been inspired to find a twirl-worthy gown I hope you’ll rock it on a special occasion . Or on a day you want to feel like a queen at the grocery story! I don’t judge. In fact I’d be right there cheering you along in the produce section…

With sincerity, I hope that you too will find your own “Cinderella Moment”.

–V. xoxo

(A very big THANK YOU goes to extraordinary photographer Kyle Schruder for this editorial shoot in Toronto, Ontario. View more of his work here: KYLE SCHRUDER)


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