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Citizen M Hotel – NYC


I first discovered the brand when booked for events in Glasgow. The first time I stayed there I was so impressed with it’s quirky charm! I was thrilled to be booked there again for work a few months later. I found myself looking forward to being in the hotel (and it’s stylish lobby and bar) more than discovering the city of Glasgow itself!

My fiancé and I planned a trip to NYC where we could celebrate our engagement and enjoy each others company in the thriving metropolis of Manhatten. He’s impossibly British (cravats and all! How cute is that, right?) so I wanted to show him the sights of New York. When looking for hotels we discovered there was a Citizen M right in the heart of Times Square! We booked immediately.

As the pictures illustrate, the lobby is designed with the brands signature black and red at the forefront with sleek black leather couches and elegant lighting. It’s amazing how much there is to look at yet it doesn’t feel or appear “cluttered”. Plenty of space in the lobby too…should you want to work on your laptop, watch TV or generally just hang out. It’s a chic, inviting area to recharge.

After a quick and hassle free check-in we entered our room to find a special invitation placed by our bedside for rooftop drinks in celebration of our engagement. Such a nice touch! Who are we to refuse some free bubbles whilst overlooking the cityscape? It was the perfect way to start our trip.

From there we did a few touristy things…shopping, mostly. I picked up a pair of hilarious “I <3 NY” pajamas to wear in the photos. I do love a theme! The hotel room itself is designed in sort of a futuristic way, with a few really great perks:

iPad: Situated beside the bed on it’s own charger is an iPad that acts as your rooms “remote”. It controls the TV, blinds etc. and allows you to set the mood with colored lights. Very cool!

Shower pod: Or at least that’s what we call it. It feels like you’re in a soapy spaceship! Big enough to not feel cramped, mind you.

GIGANTIC bed: By FAR my favorite feature of Citizen M! This bed is the size of MONTANA! It is the comfiest thing in the world. My fiancé appreciated it more than words can say as I am a bit of a “Starfish” when I sleep. (<—polite way of saying I aggressively hog the bed)

All in all I cannot recommend Citizen M enough. We’ve now researched more locations and plan on globe-trotting to Citizen M’s in Amsterdam and Paris. Because when you find a hotel as fun and interesting as this you know it’ll be your sanctuary, wherever you decide to roam.

Happy travels, citizens!


**Special thanks to Asia, Eva, Ghita and the Citizen M Press Team who kindly helped with our reservation. Your hospitality, along with the NYC staff, was so appreciated.

**Book your own Citizen M getaway in exciting locations like London, Paris, Amsterdam and more! Visit

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