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Citrus Hues


What I wore…

Necklace: Vintage (My Grandmothers costume jewelry collection!) Belt: Vintage/Thrift Cuff: Saks Fifth Avenue Clutch: River Island ( Shoes: Guess Musical Inspiration: “Stars” by Orange Avenue

(Check out the band here:

Lime and orange. Sounds delicious doesnt it? Before your mouth starts watering for a refreshing summer cocktail I feel I should tell you that when I say “lime & orange” I’m referring to my latest foray into adventerous color combinations!

This simple bright green dress was purchased in Germany (in a store whose name I can’t remember) at an astonishingly low price. Having no other shades of green like this in my closet I thought it would be a cool souvenir. I’ve worn it to parties with chunky gold necklaces and under somber black leather jackets but THIS is quite possibly my favorite way to show it off; with unexpected and downright cheerful shades of orange!

The belt was a steal at a thrift store and I am assuming it’s from the 1980s. What other era would that enormous buckle be seen as acceptable, right? However, I knew it was eye catching enough to incorporate into modern looks. I got lucky a few years later to find a purse that compliments it perfectly.

As I’ve blogged about many times before, River Island is by far my FAVORITE shopping destination in the UK. This Art Deco clutch is a perfect example as to why this store gets it right with every piece. Isn’t it gorgeous? It is one of my first purchases from the store and one of my most prized possessions.

Are there color combinations that you’re too timid to try? My advice is to find one bright piece you love, as I did here with the purse, and hold it up to various colors in your closet. The combo you like may pleasantly surprise you. A few of my top color pairings…

Hot Pink + Mint Green

Cobalt Blue + Burnt Orange

Purple + Turquoise

See if any of those strike your fancy! And if you’d be so inclined, let me know how it turns out by dropping me a line in the “Ask Val” section. Hope I’ve inspired you to live life in TECHNICOLOR! 🙂

-V. xoxo


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