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Daytime Sequins

Daytime Sequins


Inspiration: Los Angeles

What I wore…

–Sunglasses: Nordstrom (Unisex) –Necklace: Vintage Christian Dior (Thanks Mom! :-P)  –Ring: Saks Fifth Avenue  –Denim Jacket: Target –White Swing Tank: Nordstrom Rack  –Gold Miniskirt: Nordstram Rack –Booties: BCBG –Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

Oh how I love Los Angeles! I chose this glittering city as my outfit inspiration because it evokes the sort of “thrown together” glamour that stylish people around Hollywood seem to effortlessly achieve. Having lived there (SOCAL Val….remember? ;)) I had the opportunity to study what “LA street style” is all about. What comes to mind for me are the unpolished, easygoing elements that fashion forward LA ladies (and gents!) incorporate into their day-to-day ensembles. A shirt slightly untucked here….a messy bun there…but always keeping the spotlight on at least one or two strong statement pieces. For me I chose a monogrammed designer bag and a touch of sparkle. In fact, it all came down to finding this skirt….

Feeling “adventurous” with Fashion one day while shopping at Nordstrom Rack I spotted this pale gold skirt. Being drawn to a short, glitzy mini is NO surprise (given I own about 25 similar skirts that I usually reserve for cocktail hour). However, I bought this skirt specifically to challenge myself to create an outfit where I could pull this off in the middle of the day! Et voila! I paired it with enough casual pieces that made me feel comfortable to run around town in. (Ok strut around town. Let’s be honest… 😉 )

To top it off and mute the “Diva” factor a bit, I figured nothing screams “Daytime Casual” more than a classic denim jacket. Especially in a lighter wash, as seen here. I couldn’t resist being a wee bit “Matchy-matchy” by adding some gold extras (Shades, Dainty necklace, Cocktail ring) but I tried to anchor the rest of the outfit in black so it would really pop against all the lighter shades. Though this would look adorable with ballet flats I chose a modest heel. Anything higher would be way too “Streetwalker”. It’s way too cliche to have a ‘Pretty Woman’ moment in this ensemble, right? Keep it demure with a heel this height or lower. 

You may have something similar to this skirt in your closet right now that you save for special occasions. What a travesty! Can you figure out a way to get more wear out of it? Try layering it with pieces from your more casual everyday wardrobe. 

The point, dear readers, is that if you fall in love with a piece of clothing that you can only imagine wearing after dark….I challenge you to step into the light and SHINE! 

Have fun, stunner! 



Other ways to rock a sequined mini…

Oversized cableknit sweater + Knee high boots + Colorful clutch

Comfy Boyfriend Sweatshirt + Opaque black tights + Ballet Flats

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