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Designer Dish: Simone Johnson of “Bonita Fitnesswear”

Designer Dish: Simone Johnson of “Bonita Fitnesswear” 

Designer: Simone Johnson Brand Origin: Queensland, Australia  Trends: Feminine Colors, Sleek metallic details  Where to buy:

I recently has the pleasure of interviewing Simone Johnson of Waipukurau, New Zealand about her line of amazing Fitnesswear. (In case you’re wondering she is the fit redhead looking gorgeous in this photo!) This collection is one of a kind and it’s all about empowering females to be strong, healthy and fashionable while getting fit! Read on to find out more about Simone’s design aesthetic for “Bonita Fitnesswear” and how you can start sporting the looks as I did recently in the pages of “Slenderbread Magazine”….


Tell us about you and your background in Fitness:

I am an INTERNATIONAL Female Pro Wrestler & I also compete in BODY FIGURE, STRONG WOMEN & EQUESTRIAN.

How and why did you start the Bonita Fitnesswear line: 

I have always loved design and style. I’m physically active and need clothes that will survive my crazy lifestyle – but were also fashion forward, stylish and flattering – so I decided to blend my love of style, passion for fitness & need of quality together to create BONITA

In 3 words describe Bonita Fitnesswear: 


What made you choose the name “Bonita” for your brand?:

BONITA means “PRETTY” in Spanish – I picked it because it came from when I lived in Puerto Rico on a wrestling contract – I want all women to feel “pretty” the moment they wear BONITA Fitness Wear.

When working out, what is important to you when it comes to the functionality of Fitnesswear?: 

DURABLE. that’s a must.

What made you opt for such a colorful palette?: 

Colors can brighten any day! They also show off our personalities. We all need a bit of beautiful color in our lives.

Are there specific trends in Australia you can dish about?:

Australia has a very hot and humid climate – trendy tops with a pair of little shorts is an absolute “must have” in Australia!

What is your favorite piece from your collection & why?: 

I love the ANGEL tights – it is my most unique design and currently only available in blk/white but they are such a daring design and yet still practical.

You were recently featured in an American publication: “Slenderbread Magazine”. Are you looking to expand your brand to the U.S.?: 

ABSOLUTELY. BONITA has already has many customers from the U.S. I previously lived in Illinois –  I love our U.S supporters.

Any Fitness tips you can give our readers?:

Find a physical activity you LOVE. This is the key to seeing results, success and achieving short term & long term health and fitness goals.

Many bodybuilders and wrestlers have become fans of your collection. How is ‘Bonita Fitnesswear” involved in these areas? Do you have any influence on what your clients wear in competitions?: 

We are thrilled to have female bodybuilders & female wrestlers wear BONITA – We are a label designed for any woman and encourage this through various campaigns. Our designs are quite supportive due to my personal requirements- I believe this has helped with these ladies chosing to wear BONITA for their requirements in their chosen disciplines.  

What can we look forward to with your new collection?: 

I am always designing! We try to produce new designs or add new color palettes to existing designs seasonally! 

Where can we follow your career and where can we purchase Bonita Fitnesswear?:

You can find out more about “SARA JAY”, “BONITA Fitness Wear”  as well as purchase BONITA online at :



(Photo Credit: Betsey Hansen for “Slenderbread Magazine” and “Bonita Fitnesswear”)

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