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Today’s ensemble was created literally from head to toe, starting with this adorable cloche hat I purchased in Epcot’s UK Pavillion. I was so thrilled to find “Downton Abbey” merchandise in the shops! Including jewelry and hair accessories inspired by 1920’s fashion straight from the popular UK television drama.

The unique color of this hat was a challenge. Is it mauve? Brown? Yes to both, really. I had a taupe colored sweater in my closet from years past that I thought complimented the hat in a darling way! To keep the look sophisticated and not overly sweet I added a basic white button down.

The booties were a very random thrift store purchase that I paired with a simple white ruffle sock. A hint of “Victorian” in ANY shoe has me gushing all over the place. Technically, the fashions of Downtown Abbey series highlight the Edwardian era (around 1890-1914) beautifully featured on Dame Maggie Smith as the sharp witted but lovable “Violet”. She, as one would’ve at her age, holds on to the Edwardian silhouette and doesn’t stray from it. Violet often voices her bold opinions on the “ghastly” modern clothing worn by the young “Lady Mary”, played by the brilliant Michelle Dockery.

Mary is a wonderfully complex character. But her ever optimistic, wildly feminine younger cousin “Rose” is my favorite Downtown character, played by Lily James. Rose is what they refer to is a “flapper” and it is she who ushers in the new style of dress in celebration of the 1920’s Jazz age. Personally the 1920’s is one of my least favorite eras of fashion. If you look at is overall you’ll see why I wouldn’t be on board with boyish haircuts and unflattering drop-waisted frocks. But! Hat styles (like the one I chose here) and so many other trends and accessories of the age are absolutely FABULOUS. Jet jewelry, long strands of pearls, tiny beaded evening bags and gloves galore!

Trust me. Watch “Downton Abbey” for the Fashion first and you’ll find yourself staying for the drama.

-V. xoxo

PS: Thanks to one of my very best friends, Meredith, for this hilarious “Downton Tabby” book given to me as a birthday present. I couldn’t resist including it in this blog shoot! Meow!!! 😉

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