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Dreamgirl Lingerie

I am so happy to report that I am now an official brand ambassador for my favorite lingerie brand: Dreamgirl International! This is an iconic lingerie brand beloved by not only me but so many models in my circle of friends. I have bought and worn Dreamgirl Lingerie for years in both professional and personal settings. Flipping through their glossy catalog has always been a treat for me as it highlights female beauty while paying attention to the “fantasy” aspect of lingerie that makes it so very exciting!

Living in Los Angeles for many years I was around a lot of tasteless brands of lingerie in small shops and even big boutiques that I always thought were a bit garish. With Dreamgirl the difference is quality, both in the garment themselves and in the way the brand is portrayed. While the models in the catalog are all thin and well endowed…I think the perfect type of lingerie is the type you can see any woman in. My girlfriends come in all shapes and sizes and though I don’t usually pick out their bedroom attire for them (I uhh….will leave that to them!) I can certainly see them all in various Dreamgirl “looks” to suit their diverse personalities. There’s demure lace for my more conservative ladies, sassy leopard pieces for my fashionistas, “Moulin Rouge” inspired corsets for the romantics and even some touches of patent leather for my wild mates! The ones who think the best type of tequila shot is the next one. (You know who you are!)

In my opinion lingerie is the ultimate form of female empowerment. If you don’t believe me…try any Dreamgirl ensemble of your choice and wear it alone. Light some candles. Pour a glass of champagne, play some sexy music and step into some high heels. The right lingerie doesn’t need a man who is present to appreciate it. The look you’re after is one that YOU feel amazing in…even all by yourself. Which is a great way to try it out! It should fit snugly, feel nice against your skin and highlight the parts of you that you’re most proud of.

Now before I get back to our regularly scheduled program of talking about fashion that provides much more coverage, I will ask you one question. Can we please…as in pretty please with a bustier on top…bring back LINGERIE!

Enjoy, ladies. Send me your feedback in the “Ask Val” section and let me know how you got on incorporating sexy lingerie into your already fabulous closet.

Follow @DreamgirlIntl on Twitter and visit the official “Dreamgirl International” website! Find lingerie inspiration in their newest collections here: Dreamgirl International

-V. Xoxo

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