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Easter Sunday Finest

Easter Sunday Finest


What I wore…

–Hat: Whittall & Shon –Necklace: Camden Market (London) –Dress: Minimi –Bag: Rosetti –Shoes: Pink & Pepper

Musical Inspiration: “Classic Girl” by Deidre & The Dark

Happy Easter everyone! Here’s a little sneak “peep” (See what I did there? An Easter candy pun!) as to what I’ll be wearing this Sunday to Church followed by brunch in a big hat…

Let’s start with the “Pièce de résistance”: this ladylike hat by “Whittall & Shon” purchased at “Oldies but Goodies”. Found right here in Orlando, I am SO excited to feature this store in an upcoming blog AND vlog so you can see how extraordinary it is. Easter is the perfect occasion to put this hat on display but I would also wear it to an outdoor lunch with girlfriends. Or perhaps a picnic in the park. (Let’s pretend I have those regularly…)

Normally black can be a bit severe for Easter so I wanted to incorporate a bold primary color and white accents to keep the look fresh. Black and white spectator heels are an absolute staple in my closet. I have several variations of them. My love for this particular style of shoe may be from my Mother dressing me for church as a little girl. I thank her often for bestowing me with a fashion sense that can discern “fancy” from “fussy”. I should also thank the brand “Pink & Pepper” for modernizing the spectator shoe into a glittery, daytime heel that is super comfortable to walk in.

Since this pair of shoes has been one of my favorites since I purchased them about a year ago I thought I’d research the brand a bit and see what else they had to offer. I am SO glad I did. Not only did I find cute shoes at affordable price points, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they support bloggers like me in their online store! Find your favorites by shopping at “Pink & Pepper” here:

Hunting for the right pair of shoes is MUCH more fulfilling than hunting for Easter eggs, don’t you agree?  Use the “Ask Val” contact form and let me know what “Pink & Pepper” items you’re coveting this Spring. And before you go…check out the video blog posted below! 

Have a wonderful Easter, my peeps! 😉 





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