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“Emerald Envy”

Hello Fashionable friends! With various updates I hope to inspire you often and periodically challenge you to try something fun with fashion each day. Today I say… “Pick a color scheme and RUN WITH IT!”

Choosing one specific color as your “power color” for the day is a way to experiment with color coordinating. To create an entire outfit around that specific shade. Perhaps you’ll wake up one day and need “Sunny Yellows” to perk you up? Or you’re going into a situation where you need to convey confidence? “Powerful Red” may be all the back-up you need! The color should be whatever speaks to YOU and what you’re hoping to accomplish that day.

On a particularly pensive day going to an art class I chose “Deep Emerald Green” as my backdrop. Pairing a cozy sweater from ‘Banana Republic’ with a vintage scarf I found years ago and a pair of classic aviators from ‘Express’. The idea is to have a base color, in this case green, and add complimentary shades of that color. You’ll notice the glasses are more of an Army green, the sweater is more teal and the scarf shows various shades of green, blues and even slashes of black and rust to keep it interesting. But somehow all the green hues find harmony together, not straying TOO far from the same basic palette. (For example, lime green or neon green may not have worked here. Too extreme.)

Be careful going overboard of course. I would recommend color coordinating around 3 or 4 pieces together maximum. Do you have an outfit where you’ve displayed your “power color”? Send it to me here using the contact form!

–Valerie W.


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