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Fancy Skirt in Daylight

Fancy Skirt in Daylight


What I wore….

Beret: Vintage

Sunglasses: Express

Necklace: Covent Garden Vintage Market (London, England)

Sweater: Vintage

Skirt: Armani Exchange

Purse: Vintage

Watch: Movado

Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue


Musical Inspiration: “Bridges” by Broods


I must thank Audrey for writing in to this blog with a question about “How to wear full length skirts” in a previous post for the “Ask Val” section. As promised, I created an outfit to display one way I’ve worn a full skirt right smack dab in the middle of the day!

This violet silk skirt from “Armani Exchange” was so beautiful that I had to buy it years ago. But given it’s so fancy at first glance I made the cardinal mistake of shoving it to the back of my overstuffed closet thinking I would “save” it for some fancy gala. 

Well I should apologize to his beautiful garment. Because it’s simply TOO gorgeous to be shunned away like that! I finally found a way to wear it a bit more casually. By pairing it with a soft cashmere sweater, a simple beret and low kitten heels I feel perfectly comfortable going to lunch in this outfit. Once again I stress the importance of two points…

1.) If you truly fall in love with something….BUY IT. 


2.) If the item is so “fancy” that it makes you doubt yourself (IE: “I have nowhere to wear that!”) trust that you can re-work it into your everyday rotation.

And PS: If wearing half of a ball gown to Starbucks is wrong? I don’t wanna be right….. 😉

–Valerie W.


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