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Fashion Q&A: 20 Questions, 11 Facts


I have so many! For Fall and retro looks I really love “Dare You” by MAC but my go to red with lasting power is Revlon Outlast liquid lipstick in “Top Tomato”. It’s Miranda Kerr’s go to shade also! For more natural days I currently love “Syrup” with “Spice” lipliner. Both by MAC.

2. What is your favorite in season outfit:

I have to be honest. Spring/Summer colors, styles etc. are my least favorite. But I do enjoy getting to incorporate really shocking white accessories. Plus I love a floaty maxi dress. It’s so versatile.

3. Winter or summer?

WINTER. I really do live in the wrong city. I crave layers, outerwear, knee socks, scarves, wool berets…I could go on and on…

4. Bronzer or blush?

Always both! I sparingly use bronzer (Bahama Mama is the BEST) to counter my cheeks and add some color to my face. For blush I love “Pink Swoon” by Mac. Naturally I match better with cool tones. My skin is fair enough to handle very girly pink shades.

5. Whose is your makeup idol?

Probably Jaclyn Hill. She is amazing! My sister introduced me to her YouTubve videos. On top of seeming like a genuinely cool chick that I’d be friends with, her makeup is always absolutely flawless. She’s helped countless girls, myself included, be more daring with makeup yet her approach is so easy and fun! I highly recommend following her on Twitter for updates: @JaclynHill

6. What’s your favorite holiday?

Halloween by far. Probably because it’s a holiday centered around dressing up as a character, which I do every day anyway. But on Halloween you’re not so crazy for going all out! Plus its in the Fall, my favorite time of year, and it incorporates so many things I love: Nighttime, candles, Fantasy etc.

7. Powder contour or cream contour?

Definitely powder. Creams I find are usually messy and can appear greasy. I prefer powders to creams with almost every makeup product.

8. Favorite tv show?

Too many to name but here are a few: Downton Abbey, 24, The Tudors, Mad Men, Real Housewives (OC, Beverly Hills, NY), The Only Way is Essex, Drunk History

9. Heels or wedges?

ALWAYS heels. Wedges are a little too casual for me. Especially when cork, wicker, rope or other “natural” elements are involved. Not saying I never wear them, but it’s very rare. Not a huge fan.

10. Beach or pool?

Neither, really. I am an indoor girl, period. I can have fun at either of these but I seriously prefer to be indoors. Sorry, nature!

11. What’s your biggest motivation?

I think it’s just a matter of believing in myself and the amount of success I believe I (and everyone) can achieve if I try hard enough and want it for the right reasons.

12. You favorite Fashion book?

I loved Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckhams first books. They are great reads and show a lot of insight into how and why these style icons put outfits together. But my favorite is a biography on Coco Chanel but the amazing Justine Picardie (Follow her on Twitter: @JPicardie) called “Coco Chanel: The Legend & the Life”.

13. Name a trend you wish would go away?

I try not to be judgmental when it comes to Fashion but I have an abhorrence for anything too “sloppy” looking. Denim shorts, especially those with exposed pockets, are very rarely cute. Not saying never! But people seem to wear them here in Florida like a uniform. I also dislike flannel tops for the most part. Too lumberjack. And do not get me started on birkenstocks and the sporty/ugly sandal trend. Spare me, please!

14. Hoops or stud earrings?

Always studs with me. Or chandelier earrings. I have worn hoops on VERY rare occasions but they can appear cheap, in my opinion. So I really stay away from them. Some girls can pull them off. I personally don’t love them on me.

15. Best dressed city?

Oh this is too tough! I think it may have to go to New York if we’re talking about the USA. But my personal favorite however would be London. And I say that referring to the polished, feminine styles not really the punk/street movement. I will however point out that the two most stylish airports I’ve ever been in were Washington DC and Frankfurt, Germany. I was SO impressed with how people dressed in both. It was so refreshing!

16. What accessory do you buy most?

Probably hats or scarves. I buy tons of accessories: sunglasses, gloves, knee socks etc. but hats and scarves aren’t utilized in most peoples everyday wardrobe. So I feel it’s my duty to wear enough for our entire country…. 🙂

17. Describe your skincare ritual.

I mostly use L’occitane. Not only is it fancy, French and has beautiful packaging but their products smell heavenly. My favorite is the Apple Almond cleansing oil and toner. I’ve recently been using Argand’or facial moisturizer. Made from natural argan oil. I did a product review on the entire line and fell in love with it! (

18. Who do you think has the best Street Style?

Victoria Beckham. Hands down. I always inspired with every outfit. I also love Olivia Palermo, Dita Von Teese, Miranda Kerr and one of my biggest style crushes is Ulyana Sergeenko. Google her!

19. Vintage or new?

If I was forced to choose I would probably say Vintage is closer to my heart. But I believe you should always wear both!

20. Favorite Lingerie Brand?

Dita Von Teese. I was so excited when she announced she was doing a burlesque and vintage inspired line. It is the most beautiful form of sexy there is!

**11 facts about myself**

1. I force myself to eat yogurt. But the consistency really creeps me out.

2. I love trying new hairstyles…for about 30 minutes. They don’t last on nights out. I end up taking my hair down and tousling it around because in my opinion it’s my most flattering look.

3. I LOVE modern architecture. Zaha Hadid in particular. Google her!

4. I’m a little obsessed with the Vapo-rub nasal inhaler. I feel like it helps my sinuses and prevents me from getting sick. Which I do….a lot.

5. I can cook! Nothing super extravagant. But I enjoy making pot roast and various pasta dishes. I started baking first though and enjoy that too. But I don’t crave sweets so I see no reason to do it on a regular basis.

6. If I am arguing with you and start excessively using the word “absolutely” you should probably just concede. I’m too mad to listen anymore. It’s like a trigger word for me that escalates very quickly!

7. My favorite bands are “Vast: and “The Script”.

8. I have no tattoos. I think they would look silly on me. I’m a little preppy for that. The only piercings I have are my ears. One in each.

9. I have a serious obsession with hands. Especially in Art. I think Rodin captures them more beautifully than any other artist. Because of this, hands are one of the first things I look at on men. I think it shows their artistic side.

10. My favorite women’s wrestling match of all time is the WCW/WWF Invasion Bra & Panties match. Torrie & Stacy vs Trish & Lita. I fell in love with wrestling shortly before this and I LOVE a themed women’s match. I miss those days!

11. My Fall/Winter perfume of choice is Zara Woman “Oriental”. My favorite less expensive body spray for colder months is “Juniper Breeze” from Bath & Body Works.

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