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Festival Fashion: Hippie Chic



What I wore…

Headband: Claire’s

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Top: Flying Tomato

Skirt: Epique Moi

Ring: Dechoes 

Bag: Tianni

Wedge Heels: Bamboo

Musical Inspiration: “Fever Dog” by Stillwater 

Style Inspiration: 1970s, Woodstock, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe

Character Inspiration: Jenny in “Forrest Gump”, Penny Lane in “Almost Famous”

It’s that time of year where musical festivals are bringing out the “Hippie” in all of us. Something about swaying to rock n roll music in an open field makes you want to channel your inner “Penny Lane” doesn’t it? 

 Ok, I’ll be honest. The idea of standing around in the heat with drunk strangers is my idea of a nightmare. But I can certainly appreciate the overall look that’s reminiscent of “Woodstock”. I am a HUGE fan of the 1970’s. Films like Forrest Gump & Almost Famous are inspirational when it comes to dressing “Hippie Chic”. So here’s my interpretation… 

First off, there is something almost Renaissance about the braided headband and flowing skirt in this look. Which is another period in Fashion I have always been drawn to. I was fortunate to find this beautiful skirt in a boutique in Las Vegas and it is beautifully made with a miniskirt underlay that prevents it from being too sheer. The cropped top I found at an inexpensive store in New York. Usually I am not a fan of visible stitching and anything that looks handmade/arts & craft-y. But with this look it really works!

The simple bag is the perfect shape to lend a casual vibe to the outfit. A touch of sparkle on the headband and aviators were an absolute must. And before the hate mail comes piling in I will make it VERY clear that flat shoes would be adorable (and more practical) if you’re actually going to wear this to an event outdoors. But as with every outfit I have to be comfortable in my own skin. These super high nude wedges will have me towering above the dandelions. Just the way I like it! To each her own….right?

Peace. Love. Fashion.




PS: Hope you enjoyed my first VLOG about this look which you can view below and on YouTube HERE:

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