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Fur Vest: Blame Canada! ;)

Blame Canada: For this Fabulous Fur Vest! 

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–Fur Vest: Value Village  –Blouse: River Island –Belt: Vintage –Skirt: TopShop  –Tights: Target –Shoes: Bebe –Clutch: Aldo


Musical Inspiration: “Your New Beloved” by Lovelife 

Killing some time before a pro wrestling show in Timmins, Ontario, Canada I asked a friend to take me to the nearest thrift shop. After shopping for about 30 mins I walked out of “Value Village” with a huge bag full of goodies! Including this adorable (and versatile) faux fur vest. Not to mention the “Mad Men”-esque black button earrings shown in the second photo. (For ONE Canadian dollar! #Score #ILoveYouValueVillage)

Though this snazzy fur vest came with its own sash I decided to remove it and try it out with this vintage belt I found years ago. I am assuming it is perhaps from the 1980’s:: black velvet with VERY large heavy medallions and gold buckle. Silly if worn with a lot of ornamentation but I finally found good use for it here!

Originally I almost didn’t purchase the belt as it fit too loosely when worn over a thinner top, but I found it interesting (and inexpensive!) enough to get it anyway. Fortunately it fit perfectly over this vest! Proving once again that if a piece speaks to you, buy it. It may be a long time until you find the right thing to wear with it but when you do…it’s a very happy day!

Hoping to find bargains like these? Find a Value Village in your area::

–V. xoxo

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