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val gingham

Isn’t it funny how certain prints really “speak” to you? Gingham to me just screams SUMMER! It’s super girly, just like me. This recent purchase from River Island (dress available here: Black Gingham Cold Shoulder Frill Shirt Dress) has made more cameos in my life than MANY dresses I’ve had for years. I love everything about it. The frill detail along the bust, the breezy lightweight fabric and the little peekaboo shoulders. Which by the way…I am starting to hate the term “cold shoulder”, so I’m officially changing it. Besides! “Cold Shoulder” doesn’t apply to summer clothes anyway because we are all melting our faces off. Or at least I have been…but anyway…getting back on track now.

I took photos in this sweet little dress in Bruges which was quite possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. It was comfortable enough to wear all day as I hopped around to charming cafes in hopes of taking the perfect Insta-shot! Because the dress is rather voluminous in shape, I added a simple Black Tassled Skinny Scarf (also River Island) that I bought last Winter. Remember how popular they were? Now that it’s too warm outside to have that much fabric on the neck, they make terrific sashes to cinch around your favorite outfit. 

I could toughen this look up with a leather jacket when it starts to get colder out. Which is what I am SO praying for, by the way. Heat and I do not get along. But for now you’ll find me in the shade with a cool drink, rocking a statement red lipstick. Which, for those wondering, is my go-to shade of “Cruella” by NARS. 

Kiss kiss! Happy Summer!


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