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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

I’ll start off by saying THANK YOU for the great response and BRAVO for you wanting to take that next step and up your #Skincare game! Like you, I was a little hesitant to start getting facials. I started out with the most pedestrian kinds you could get at hotel spas when traveling. I always chose the facials that were non-invasive and really more like just a basic cleanse, massage and hydration. More like a quick pamper sesh and refresh. These simple facials sure felt nice…but afterward, as in a day or two later? Same skin. Same dullness. A bit of a waste of money, IMO! A bit “meh” in terms of what my skin looked and felt like after the treatments. I was ready for something deeper and I’ll be honest…I wanted more bang for my buck!

Enter Halo Aesthetics…

As I said in the interview with Halo Aesthetics owner Nikki Zanna and Skincare specialist Katie Marshall, when I hit my 30’s I knew that was the perfect time to start taking better care of my skin and to start paying more attention to what it needed. My skincare concerns weren’t that severe: some dullness, fine lines which I wanted to prevent from getting any worse and the occasional blemish here and there. The WOW facial was recommended to me because it’s gentle enough on the skin to not cause any real pain or serious discomfort but the results last for up to three months! Now THAT is something worth looking into, I thought! Sounds perfect for me.

In the pamphlets (and online research) for the WOW facial they list six separate steps that lead to glowing skin. Since I have had this wonderful treatment (seriously, watch the video for a more in depth look!) I thought I’d describe each step for you into my own blunt, Valifornian rhetoric. So let’s break it down: (my words are in pink…)

The WOW Facial™ is a medically inspired advanced facial which combines scientific knowledge and the latest technology with innovative formulations to create a hybrid of the most popular aesthetic treatments. The unique combination of stages creates a real WOW factor and only needs to be done once to transform the skin for around 3 months. The 6 stages work on different layers of the skin to kick-start the skins metabolism as well as: exfoliate, detox, regenerate, hydrate, and super-charge the skin with essential vitamins and peptides.

The WOW Facial™ can be tailored to suit your specific skin type so that you get a truly personalised facial that is always WOW!


Step 1 – Exfoliating cleanser and a choice of 4 light skin peels personalised to your skin type

(I had never had a peel before! The word itself isn’t exactly settling but trust me when I say it’s NOT what you’re thinking. No actual “peeling” happens. Katie used the Resurface peel for me which is gently brushed onto the skin and formulated with an impressive list of high-performance acids to correct visible signs of ageing, even out skin tone and revive a dull complexion. This special peel contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, kojic acid and salicylic acid. After it’s applied it melts into your skin to work it’s magic. No discomfort at all. Actually feels very refreshing when coupled with the nice cleanse!)

Step 2 – Dermaplaning – Removes ‘peach fuzz’ hair, dead skin cells and smooths the skin

(This step was super! It made my skin feel smooth as silk and even weeks after the treatment my makeup just seemed to seamlessly glide on. You don’t realize how annoying and unnecessary the peach fuzz is until it’s properly removed! Here’s how much they got…and we were cracking up with the orange shade. That’s remnants of my self tanner, folks. Bye bye residue!)  

Step 3 – WOW! Fusion – a bespoke cocktail of skin loving serums are infused into the skin using a small microneedling device

(The cocktail we used was high concentration hyaluronic acid with a Multi Vitamin Serum (contains over 40 vitamins, minerals and amino acids) and the Anti Ageing Serum (contains Vitamin C and anti-ageing amino acids) which was expertly chosen by Nikki and Katie, tailor made for my skin. Perfect combo! The actual needles are teensy tiny…as shown in the video. I described the feeling as a “prickly stamp” being stamped across my face. A bit odd sure, but I wouldn’t describe it as painful.)

Step 4 – LED light therapy mask to heal the skin, fight inflammation, reduce acne and reverse UV damage

(This was the part I was most looking forward to because A) I’ve heard wonderful things about LED light therapy for the skin and B) I knew the selfies would be hilarious! I felt like a sexy Stormtrooper! Again, the ladies chose the shades of light that my skin needed (red for blemishes, blue for anti-aging) but green can also be used for redness.)

Step 5 – WOW! Mask – the highest quality hyaluronic acid and collagen mask to hydrate, brighten and smooth the skin

(Oh my WORD, you guys. If my skin could feel this good on a daily basis I’d move myself into Halo Aesthetics permanently. Just to experience this level of soothing hydration! The WOW mask, especially after the WOW fusion, was the most heavenly experience. It’s as if a cool, spring waterfall has hit your face. An intense moisture surge! I couldn’t get over how much I loved this part. Literally the icing on the cake.)

Step 6 –  Bespoke selection of serums and creams selected for your skin type and finished with SPF to protect your new skin

(Halo Aesthetics offers a ton of different combinations of products to use directly after the WOW facial… some of which are available as retail products to take home and your practitioner will advise in the clinic! )

…so in closing I want to remind you that asking questions before, during and after a facial is your right! The wonderful staff at Halo Aesthetics in Milton Keynes are there to help you if it’s your first or fiftieth facial! They’re so knowledgable, personable and make the entire visit enjoyable.

I invite you to watch my IG TV videos on my INSTAGRAM HERE and to give the videos and posts a like and comment.

When you’re ready to book your very own WOW facial or want to discuss your skincare/skin health with the experts at Halo Aesthetics here’s the info you need below…

…tell ’em Val sent ya! 🙂

***SPECIAL THANKS to Nikki, Katie and Halo Aesthetics in Milton Keynes.

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