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Halston Heritage

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Today I’m thrilled to share a brand with you that you NEED to know about. In fact…it’s not a brand. It’s BETTER. It’s an iconic fashion house! Halston (give it a google) is synonymous with 70’s disco glamour. The greatest modern display of sexy Halston dresses can be seen in “Sex and the City 2” film starring our fantasy BFF, SJP aka Carrie Bradshaw. In the film her wardrobe is HEAVY on “Halson Heritage” : the more affordable line from the legendary house of Halston.

Intrigued yet? Well lucky for you (and me) …many of the dresses are available on! This beautiful flowy maxi dress (available here) is the perfect introduction to the brand. In fact I’m re-wearing it this weekend to a Summer wedding! I’ll likely pair it with heels and metallic rose gold jewellery. In this photoshoot I wore it with pretty Mark Jacobs sunnies and a vintage handbag. When the temperature drops (not an issue in Florida, but certainly will be in England) I can throw on this floral blazer from Select Fashion as a stylish cover-up.

I highly encourage you to view the Halston Heritage collection online. It’s important that we support the history of the brand. How awesome that they’re giving us designer deals via Amazon right?

Until next time, fashionistas!

**Photography by @GuntherChanel in Winter Park, Florida**

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