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Handpicked Box

Hey friends! Are we enjoying Spring so far? This season is all about new beginnings…and it’s THE perfect time to try NEW beauty products! With “Handpicked Box” I’ve discovered several new products to stash in my beauty bag. Let’s dig into what “Handpicked Box” has artfully chosen for it’s April 2017 box…

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CIRO CELL: Daily Hydration Moisturizer

This Broad Spectrum, oil free #Moisturizer has a a hefty amount of SPF (43) to keep the Suns harsh rays at bay. I put this to the ultimate test when spending a day at Walt Disney World! Upon application it felt light on the skin and didn’t leave it feeling tight…which is SUCH a pet peeve of mind that I notice with multi-purpose skincare products. At day’s end my skin was hydrated without a trace of oil or sunburn. Winning!

PACIFICA: Enlightened Gloss

I have to admit that out of all beauty products I think #lipgloss is my biggest obsession! Which means I have about, oh I dunno…maybe 7 in my bag every day? Don’t judge me! I suffer from indecisiveness! This particular shade was gorgeous on it’s own AND on top of brown, pink and nude shades of lipstick. The subtle sheen is really flattering. I use the word “sheen” carefully because a SHEEN I appreciate. Not a cheap looking glitter. This gloss is moisturizing and not sticky. AKA: kiss-proof!

MANNA KADAR: Liplocked Priming Lip Wand

How did Handpicked Box know I was going through an orange phase? As pictured here I mixed this handy lip crayon with a red lipstick when wearing a bold orange dress. (I tried it on it’s own and it was a tad too bright for my complexion). It mixes well with coral lipstick too and the crayon form makes lip liner obsolete. Shocking I know, as I often rave about lip liner!

FIONA STILES: Invisible Eye Primer

I don’t like to admit it, but now that I’m over 30 I know I need to start thinking about setting my makeup so it doesn’t budge. Darn you aging! Sneaking up when I least expect it! With certain areas of the face it’s best to prime the skin for makeup BEFORE it’s applied. I spread a tiny amount of this eye primer on and let it set in for a minute before applying concealer and eye shadow. It’s amazing how easily they both blended! Have a smooth base is key.

Thanks to Alexia and the awesome team at Handpicked Box! If you’d like to subscribe use this link (! You’ll get FIVE full size beauty products deliveered every month for $39.99 + $6.50 shipping. When you’ve signed up and get your first box be sure to send it to me with hashtag #handpickedbox! ENJOY!!! xoxo

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