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Hard Candy Halloween


Happy Halloween everyone! Today I’m sharing a few makeup must-haves from Hard Candy! I’ve been a Hard Candy fan for many years. Who can forget their collaboration with the “Flawless Four” in the movie “Jawbreaker”? And those iconic funky rings atop the signature candy colored nail polish bottles? For me this is pre-teen nostalgia and it inspired me, even back then, to be adventurous in how I made myself up. Now Hard Candy is having a Renaissance in my beloved Wal-Mart! I cannot begin to tell you how many bargains I score there, not limited to the beauty section. With so many awesome makeup must haves from Hard Candy it was hard to figure out witch…errr…WHICH products to feature in this super fun Halloween shoot! So grab your pumpkin pail and follow me to the makeup counter…


^^First up! “Glamoflauge” concealer^^ — I suffer from allergies year round so dark under eye circles are always a problem for me. (Only on Halloween is it acceptable to look like a tired zombie.) This particular formula (shown in shade “light”) provides great coverage without looking or feeling caked on and the price point is incredible. For research and out of curiosity I recently purchased two high end, expensive concealers and neither fit the bill. I am so happy I returned to this product. Each concealer comes with it’s own little buddy…a matching pencil to perfectly pin point where you’d like the product to work it’s magic. Very handy to put in your purse and use for touch ups in case you have a **gasp** horrible blemish that’s ruining your day/life.


^^Bold & Gorgeous Eyeliner Pen^^ — Okay…this is my FAVORITE product right now. When I posted about it on Twitter, girls immediately responded with comments about how difficult it is to master that perfect “Cat Eye”. (A black cat, of course. It’s Halloween!) I can relate because I often strive for a winged look and end up with a smudgy mess. This pen makes it SO easy to get that effortless “flick” at the outer corners of your eyes. Plus! It has 12 hour staying power! This stuff doesn’t budge. It’s been over a week since I have started using this eyeliner on a daily basis. It is now a staple in my makeup bag and I’m telling all my girlfriends to try it for themselves. 




 Saving serious cash on beauty products that actually work? Now that’s a trick AND a treat! You’ll rake in the compliments while wearing Hard Candy, I promise. As always I welcome your comments and feedback! Let me know which product(s) you loved most!  Thank you Hard Candy for letting me be your ambassador. More collaborations to come!

Happy Halloween!


** Find Hardy Candy online: and follow on Twitter @HeresHardCandy Instagram @HardCandyLife and **

**Photo Credit: Kevin Jordan** FB: @ThePhotoDojoStudios Twitter: @ThePhotoDojo **

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