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Ice Blue & Mint


Sunglasses: Ebay White Shirt: Express Sweater: Express Skirt: Victoria’s Secret Bag: Louis Vuitton Musical Inspiration: “Into the Wild” by Lewis Watson

Aren’t these colors sweet together? Reminds me of some sort of delicious sorbet! I saw a similar outfit to this on Pinterest with the basics of the outfit being the maxi skirt paired with a collared shirt and wrap sweater. Since I had all three pieces I really lucked out that the shades of the skirt and sweater complemented each other so well. When you’re using a lot of color it’s a good idea to keep shades in the same “color family”. Remember this tip to take the guess work out of color-blocking!

I should remind you that I do live in Florida. This outfit may seem too “Spring” for other climates but it was perfect to wear to a family lunch (followed by shoe shopping!) in November. I almost titled this post “Florida Layering” as we seldom get to layer pieces here. The weather is so fickle and more often than not it is WAY too warm to even wear sleeves! You can imagine my delight to bust this outfit out on a sunny but not blazing hot afternoon.

Your Spring/Summer maxi skirts shouldn’t stay in the back of your closet. Give them another go with an outfit like this one to get major mileage out of your wardrobe!

–V. xoxo

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