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Ladylike in New York

Ladylike in New York


What I wore…

–Sunglasses: Valentino –Cropped Jacket: Forever 21/XXI –White Swing Top: Lush –Scarf: Vintage/Thrift –Elbow Length Scrunch Gloves: Nordstrom –Black Pencil Skirt: Bebe –Purse: Louis Vuitton (Speedy 30) –Beige Cell Phone Case w/ Tassel: River Island –Slingback Shoes: Unisa –Suitcase: Diane Von Furstenberg

Musical Pairing: “Miss Hilton” by The Penfifteen Club


Traveling to New York I felt the need to live up to the fashion standards some of my favorite ladies: “The Real Housewives of New York”. These gloves alone are really what inspired the entire outfit. This often happens when you love an accessory that you don’t always know how/when/where to wear it. A cropped jacket was the perfect excuse to show them off. But with a cropped jacket it’s important to remember PROPORTION. I can’t stress this enough. It was important to have a top underneath that hung lower than the jackets hemline to create a nice silhouette. But again, keeping this idea in mind, a tight pencil skirt seemed to balance it all nicely so my body still had a shape. A looser skirt would’ve taken it into “frumpy” territory. Now normally I do the opposite: cinching the waist to emphasize an hourglass figure.

You can never EVER go wrong with basic black and white. You’ll notice I do this a lot, especially since having bright red hair is always my “pop of color” on it’s own. Having a long, narrow scarf gives you endless possibilities. (I went for sort of a loose “neck tie” look but I often wear it tied in a bow close to the neck. If I remember correctly this thing cost less than $5 at a thrift store.) I believe that Louis Vuittons signature print goes with absolutely anything. And these days, black and brown is no longer a cardinal fashion sin. I topped the look off with my absolute favorite pair of Valentino sunglasses! Sure, they’re a splurge but considering the rest of the outfit was so well priced I think I’m allowed a little treat. (Just don’t ask me the price of the purse. Did I mention TWO splurges is ok, too? :-P)

On a last note, I am SO in love with my Diane Von Furstenberg carry-on suitcase. (Along with everything else she makes! She is a legend!) Her travel line is so chic and you’ll be surprised at the fair prices of this designer luggage. And the bags I’ve owned of hers have lasted YEARS. Shop for yours on:

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