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Lauren Lorraine Shoes



— What I wore…

Earrings: Vintage Top: Lush Skirt: Express Bag: Bijoux Terner Booties: “Erin” by Lauren Lorraine available here: Musical Inspirational: “New in Town” by Little Boots

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” and every Fashionista will agree that with the RIGHT pair of shoes you really do feel invincible. The beauty of the brand I’m about to show you is that while every pair in the collection won’t break the bank, they’re sure to break some hearts!

An evening shoe is something rather exciting for every female I know. Once the day turns into night we all feel a little more daring when it comes to embellishment in footwear. I chose to feature the gorgeous “Erin” bootie…

(Available at Nordstrom HERE:

…in today’s feature for it’s classic color yet modern shape. Is it a bootie? Is it a platform? To answer both, yes. Plus it’s bedazzled in sequins for extra star power!

While Lauren Lorraine has been featured in my blog before (link below) I wanted to show you a fun nightime ensemble that shouts “PARTY!” from the rooftops. I started with an elegant yet slightly undone updo to show off these black and gunmetal chandelier earrings. A simple floaty swing top by “Lush” (purchased from Nordstrom) was the correct proportion to balance this tight sparkly miniskirt by “Express”. I echoed the black sparkle in a simple beaded clutch that only cost me 10 bucks at a “Bijoux Terner” store in the Orlando airport. Travel score!

The shoes are what you really notice first though, let’s be honest. This versatile, showstopper bootie is available right now from our friends at Lauren Lorraine! Get them at the link above!

In closing I must share a very random story involving my “other” gig as a professional wrestling manager/announcer. While I was thrilled to collaborate with the Lauren Lorraine brand as a mere fan of the shoes I was so thrilled to discover that it’s talented designer, Lauren Jones, is a former WWE diva! In fact, she was one of my favorite “Diva Search” contestants from years ago when I was just breaking into the business. Is that a clash of cosmic fates or what?

Just goes to show you that even in pro wrestling, fashionistas are kindreds and have a way of finding each other. Expect many more collabs with this amazing brand. Don’t forget to follow on Twitter (@LaurenLorraine1) and Instagram (@LaurenLorraineShoes) for sneak peeks at Lauren’s amazing upcoming collections!

–V. xoxo


(See another style from Lauren Lorraine in the photo below from a previous blog post HERE: )


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