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Leather Accents


What I wore…

Hat: Claires Top: Rock & Republic Bag: Louis Vuitton (Speedy 30) Necklace: Express Watch: Movado Skirt: Bebe Shoes: SE Boutique by Sam EdelmanMusical Inspiration: “You” by The 1975

The temperatures may be rising here in Florida but I’m still rocking a crocheted beanie with confidence! The reason I adore hats so much is because it lets others know that you’ve put some thought into your look. It’s an accessory that adds a lot of polish to any ensemble. Even one as casual as this!

I recently purchased this gray T-shirt at “Dechoes” in Orlando. I normally don’t ever wear anything so casual but this isn’t your average tee. This is Rock & Republic’s edgy/cool version with black leather accents on the shoulders and pocket.

I wanted to echo the leather touches in my footwear so I put on my favorite pair of cutout booties by Sam Edelman. I’m also toting my favorite “Baby Louis” that is so roomy I often use it as a carry-on on short flights. This style is the classic “Speedy 30” from Louis Vuitton. There are other smaller and larger versions available. It’s been a very smart investment because of the versatility and high quality leather and hardware of the bag. It will last for years and years. Never going out of style!

All this leather is making me feel pretty tough! And let’s be honest…there’s nothing more bada$$ than an iced latte.


–V. xoxo

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