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Librarian Chic



What I Wore…

–Glasses: Express

–Blue Cape Sweater: XXI

–Watch: Movado

–Purse: Aldo

–Stockings: Nordstrom

–Booties: Bebe

It isn’t often I wear an updo. But these over exaggerated faux glasses already have a “Librarian Chic” quality to them so I thought it appropriate! The outfit also features one of my FAVORITE accessories: knee high stockings! In a separate article I covered “School Girl” socks (in an argyle print) but this particular pair is actually quite different. While those were a traditional cotton sock, these are a thinner black nylon and hit higher on the leg. The important thing to remember with a stocking like this (very hard to find, but if you ever do, get a few spares!) is that it can be perceived as very racy. That is of course thanks to the flash of skin shown at the top of the thigh. I paired the socks with a voluminous sweater so that the proportions on top muted the sexiness a bit. 

For added interest and a “School Student” vibe I incorporated a side slung bag in quilted white (faux) leather with a sweet black bow from Aldo. I’ve come to find some really affordable purses at Aldo! They’re known for shoes but its their accessories section I usually browse first. Visit their site here to find one you love…





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