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When it comes to monthly beauty subscription boxes I have been disappointed in the past. Trying various brands I’ve come across some that didn’t fit my beauty preferences with makeup colors I’d never wear or overly scented herbal products that were way too “hippie” for my taste. I’ve even been sent a large beauty subscription box that was 90% tissue filling and 10% actual product! What appealed to me about “Little Known Box” was that, as the name suggests, they focus on beauty brands that aren’t overly saturated in the market. I feel like I’m truly getting a professional insiders peek at what the “next big thing” in beauty is going to be! Plus their attention to detail in overall presentation and concern for the environment is what separates this brand from any other.

I’ve given my personal opinion on each product below so read on to discover which (if not all…probably all…) you’ll want to try for yourself:

Oxynergy Paris UK

I opened this face wash and fell in love with the dreamy (but not overpowering) scent immediately. I even had my boyfriend take a whiff and he threatened to steal it! Before lathering up, I read about the mini sponges in the foaming wash and wondered if it would feel…well, creepy. I am a bit cautious about weird consistencies. Quite the contrary here! The title sponges are the ones doing the work here! It felt so lovely that I’ve converted from a “makeup wipe and go” type of gal to one who actually slows down long enough to enjoy washing my face. I find the experience especially soothing when used before bed.

PHB – Anti-aging Serum

Now that I’ve hit 30 I am more interested in “anti-aging” products. This serum felt good on the skin but I should warn you of one thing. It does need to be washed up before makeup is applied. I applied it before bed and in the morning, in a rush, forgot I had it on and did my makeup as usual before leaving for an appt. later to see flakiness in the areas of my face that I had applied the serum. My own mistake but! Worth noting. The scent was pleasant and there was no irritation whatsoever when I used this product. It was thick enough to seem like it was heavy duty but light enough to really soak into my skin. I’m anxious to see if there are long term results.

Creme of Nature samples – Argan Oil and Leave in Conditioner

I applied these Argan oil products on a LONG flight from London to Florida. I love to let a good oil have lots of time to soak in! I coated rougher skin spots (knees, elbows etc.) with the oil and coated the ends of my hair with the conditioner. I arrived at my destination still liking the smell and feel of these lightweight but hydrating products. The conditioner washed out easily with NO residue! That to me was the ultimate test. I hate build up or products that seem greasy. If you’ve not read up on the benefits of Argan oil I recommend this article here to inspire you to add it to your regime: Link

In the Buff – Mineral Makeup (Shade: Sunshine Glitz)

I love finding a new highlighter/shimmer powder that looks “expensive” but isn’t! This is literally sunshine in a cute little pot. When mixed with body lotion it created a subtle but sexy sheen on my legs, shoulders and decolletage. A must for Summer’s strapless dresses and cold shoulder tops that are so popular right now. Also looks pretty on cheekbones without being an “obvious” highlighter. The shade is beautiful and is sheer enough to work on all skin tones.

Manna Kader Eyeshadow (Shade: Fantasy)

At first glance I wasn’t sold on this eye shadow. I have a real issue with anything reddish or pinkish near my eyes. I’m worried it’ll make me look sick or tired! I once had a makeup artist put a garish pink shade on my eyes and this was the result. But one swipe of the shadow on the back of my hand as a test showed how sheer and pretty the shade was. I do see now why they listed it as “universally flattering”. I love that it’s a SHIMMER, not a glitter. This is the difference between a shadow looking cheap or looking luxe. When applied to the lid it could easily pass for a much more expensive product. I’ve incorporated it into my natural daytime smokey eye, matches it with tones of beige and brown. It blends beautifully!

Lucy Annabella Organics – Spike Lavender & Rosemary

This oil was a godsend on a recent weekend trip when I needed some hotel room pampering after a long day. I applied it to my hair, nail beds and forehead (anywhere my skin felt “thirsty”) before bed and let the soothing lavender scent relax me into slumber. I awoke to lightly scented hair and softer skin. It felt and smelled luxurious and would make such a lovely gift! The size was perfect for travel and will last a long time as you only need a few drops to do the trick. I liked this particular product so much I’m off to do more research on Lucy Annabella and see what other treasures I can find!

Thank you to “Little Known Box” for opening my eyes to these fabulous products. I can’t wait to try more! I highly recommend trying this subscription service and can say from personal experience that customer service is top notch, should you need help in deciding which subscription plan is right for you. Here’s a link to get started: Link

Until next time thank you for reading! Be sure to comment below and/or follow @LittleKnownBox on Twitter for more information.

-V. xoxo

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