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London Blog Event

London Blog Event

Hey fashionista’s! It’s been a BUSY January for me thus far. What started out to be a pretty boring month took an interesting turn when various fashion (and of course, wrestling) events popped up that I couldn’t help but commit to. One of which was an event I learned about online and got immediately excited about! “London Blog Event” (@londonblogevent) hosted by two super stylish UK based bloggers: Ana (@faded_Spring) & Giulia (@GiuliaFSmith). 

I had the pleasure of chatting with these gals on Twitter before the event and accepted the position of “Guest Speaker” with alacrity! I asked if my talk could be more of an interactive Q&A because I wanted to have a conversation with fellow bloggers rather than deliver some robotic “speech”. I prefer talking off the cuff and in a more casual way so that I can be my bubbly random self. My topic was “Confidence & Positivity in Blogging” and I had several notes to refer to during the talk in case I started to ramble. (Very likely!) In seeing so many bloggers these days post depressing tweets or constantly give attention to haters I thought this topic was an important one. Coming from an entertainment background, especially modelling, scrutiny & rejection is something I face daily…so I’ve built a thick skin over the years because I’ve had to. It makes me sad to think other bloggers may not be as strong. Adusting your attitude is all in the mind! It’s about creating a positive outlook and deciding once and for all that you dictate your mood. Outside interference be damned. I thought a speech about motivation was something I could honestly deliver. 

Anyway! (See, told you I ramble…) The event was held at “Purple Patch” offices & was attended by stylish gals from all over the country. In fact I even met a few bloggers who weren’t locals which I found refreshing! Being an American still adjusting to British culture it was fun meeting people who felt a little “alien” like I do sometimes. As with any event of this sort there were tasty snacks, drinks and plenty of chances to familiarise yourself with new fashion & accessory brands. Discovering new brands and networking is what LBE was all about. So let’s start with the vendors…

Standout brands included “The Tumeric Co.” (@theturmericco) who were handing out shots of various turmeric infused blends which were surprisingly palatable! Particularly the one mixed with ginger. The gentlemen promoting the brand dropped some knowledge about the immunity boosting properties found in turmeric. When I told them I was suffering from a cold that had been annoying me for over a week they promised one shot would make me feel better in about 20 minutes. Did it cure me? No. Did I notice a significant little boost in energy & feel more alert & less “sniffly”? Yes! Pretty impressive. I’m looking into collaborating with this brand as I am so often sick. Isn’t it nice to stumble upon something HEALTHY at a blogging event? With no offence to cupcakes & sweets…this was something that could actually improve my moods without the caloric guilt. Very cool.

After I was feeling more like myself I ventured over, like a magpie, to the sparkly designs of “Mira Sadi” (@mirasadijewels). I was honoured to be able to discuss each design with the creator herself who was so gracious to physically model the pieces while explaining the company’s aesthetic. At first glance they were all eye catching pieces…but when we were shown how you can wear each piece in different ways it upped the ante! The earrings come with removable dangly chains if you’re after a more subdued look. The necklaces can be worn various ways depending on your mood. It’s the thought behind this that makes me want to know more about this brand. Gone are the days of “fast fashion”. (Or they should be, anyway). With Mira Sadi you’re buying a piece that is of such great quality it will see you through for years to come and you aren’t locked down to only “one look” per piece, thanks to it’s versatility. To me, that is something worth investing in. 

Another brand I really loved was “Flame Lily” @shopflamelily. I confess to owning over 150-200 pairs of sunglasses and faux glasses. So did I NEED to stop and try on more lust-worthy pairs? Nah. But of course I did so with aplomb. Fashion is all about being EXTRA to me! Lauren Black and I snapped a fabulous selfie in a couple pairs that we thought were super fun. I also have purchased & photographed some of their designs on my Instagram should you want to sneak a peek!

But finally I must divulge to you that one brand in particular caught my eye immediately. I noticed the gorgeous prints from “Margo Carlo” (@margo_carlo) instantly upon arriving. I took my time making my rounds and mingling with other bloggers…but I eventually made my way over to get a feel of the amazing printed kaftans and scarves as soon as I could get my hands on them. In speaking to the owners I was even more impressed with the brand than what initially met my eye. They explained the craftsmanship that goes into making each garment and we had such fun discussing the versatility in how you can wear each dress. I told them I could envision the classic leopard gown, for example, being shown off in so many ways! As a way to cover up your bikini while lounging by the pool, glamorously thrown over a sexy nightgown at home in a sort of retro “Dita Von Teese” moment…or even worn “Kimono style” casually topping a uniform of jeans and a simple T-shirt. I was absolutely in LOVE with their designs & invite you to check out their latest campaign featuring beautiful photography in a lush tropical setting. The models, all decked out floaty in Margo Carlo creations, evoke the sort of sartorial fantasy I’m looking for in a new brand to represent. Luxury. Elegance. Sex appeal. It’s all here!

When it came time for my talk I was grateful that a pink lemonade cocktail was waiting for me. A sip of liquid courage? Hell yes. Even I get nervous. Yes me, whose daytime gig is to speak in front of crowds of people ranging from 50 to thousands depending on the event. As I explained in my talk…speaking to a smaller group of people whose eyes you can clearly see in front of you is nerve wracking! Luckily I met SO MANY wonderful girls who shared their stories with me. We traded tales of going to blogger events (always alone!) and having both good and hellish experiences. Some of the points I covered in my talk were about finding inspiration from strong women like Tyra Banks whose “Be Your Own Brand” mantra is one I live by. I also touched on the subject of oversharing on social media (don’t do it) shutting out the haters (always do it) and how the best blog post you can write is the one YOU are happy with at the end of the day. Blogging is a very personal experience and it should make you happy. It shouldn’t be something forced or unnatural. It should be a stylish extension of you! Featuring what YOU enjoy writing about and what YOU enjoy wearing. I strongly reminded all of the listeners to never apologise for taking risks in their posts and in their outfits. I personally want to be stimulated by what I see online. So go for it!

In closing I want to thank Giula and Ana for being so kind to not only invite me to their event but to let me join the group of guest speakers. If I inspired even one blogger to feel motivated and confident enough to keep going in their career…it was worth the trip. I treasure the new friendships I made that day with designers and bloggers alike! As a relatively new girl in London I walked away feeling more like I belonged to the blogging community. 

Fashionably yours,

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