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London Fashion Week – with Social Berry!


Growing up in the US loving fashion & supermodels there was nothing more exciting than “New York Fashion Week”. Well now…as an adult (kinda) living in England I’ve discovered something that rivals that NYFW rush: LONDON Fashion Week. It is everything I love about the fashion week that I’m used to studying but…with an added English flair! Loving anything and everything British I couldn’t have felt luckier that picked me for this special #LFW campaign.

This season we’re looking forward to seeing what designers send down the runways that will influence our sartorial choices in seasons to come. But how do we prepare for such a whirlwind week of events? With the following products from brands you NEED to know about. Trust me, you’ll be the envy of all fashionista’s for getting to know these brands NOW and understanding what each one brings to the table.




First up! I had been starting my mornings with bottled juices that simply weren’t cutting it. Semi-refreshing, sure…but I was ready for something more. Something SUPER charged. Enter “PACK’D”! These smoothies are everything I was missing from the stale bottled variety. They’re made with real ingredients bursting with flavor in convenient frozen pouches that you toss into a blender along with a corresponding, specially blended “Superfood” powder. Just add your favorite juice, water or milk and get blending!

I used my Magic Bullet blender and whipped each smoothie up in under a minute. I intended to pick a favorite to report here but honestly all three flavors (Energy, Detox and Defence) are yummy and left me feeling invigorated. I am 100% ready to integrate @PACKDCo smoothies into my regular diet. I know I’ll feel better for doing so!




This lovely “Fresh Faced” gift box from Sweet Cecily’s contained an Almond & Avocado Face cream that was creamy yet light in application and a Red Clay face mask that left my skin feeling soft and clean yet not tight (like some masks I’ve tried) but still hydrated. My favorite item out of this beautiful set was by far the Rose Water Toner! Applied with cotton wool pads this toner gives a cool, refreshing sensation to the skin and leaves a delicate rose scent. My boyfriend commented on how nice it smelled. yes I applied it to his face as well. Not sure if Sweet Cecily’s make any men’s products but I’m throwing the hint out there in case it sticks! 🙂

In reading the literature that came with the box I found it interesting that founder Cecily Fearnley mentions that ”each product has been born out of a customer suggestion”. This makes perfect sense because the feeling I got from this brand is that it’s something I could see being recommended to me by a close friend and it’s one that I myself would like to gift to my sisters, Mom, girlfriends etc. this Christmas! (Hope they aren’t reading this for a spoiler alert…). I am looking into the Sweet Cecily’s “Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit’s” to give as gifts my craftier friends.




Twitter: @Lascivious_UK

The minute I saw this brand I knew it was very, very ME! From the edgy lines to the the sultry photography this was 100% up my alley. However I must admit to being wary. I’ve modelled for so many bikini and lingerie brands that I can honestly say quality is not normally a concern for a lot of the mainstream brands out there. Having to wear the swimsuits or lingerie in a shoot I can tell you first hand what may LOOK great in a photo does not feel or look great in real life.

Not the case with Lascivious! The bikini I chose came in beautiful packaging and was was up to even my high standards of swimwear! You can feel it the instant you touch the durable yet soft-on-the-skin fabric. No details were spared here. It’s a suit I know I’ll have for years to come. Sexy and fashionable enough to shoot in (more photos coming soon! I can’t resist a full photoshoot!) and heavy duty enough to survive countless vacations. Which I need more of…but that’s a whole other blog post…





Trends in fashion come and go, season to season…but one thing that’s ALWAYS in fashion is a healthy, confident smile! It goes with any outfit! So let’s stop with the horribly painful, overdone teeth whitening and start treating our teeth better from the inside out! Regenerate Enamel Science focuses on reversing the early, invisible stages of the erosion process that all of us inevitably face. Teeth whitening here NATURALLY occurs thanks to the advanced toothpaste and enamel serum. Two custom fit trays are provided in this kit and the entire process takes only a few minutes but can seriously improve the health of your teeth.

I’ve actually been using Regenerate for about a month and can say I was so happy to see this product included in the #LFW campaign! I can report with all sincerity that this is a product you’ll want to research and see why it deserves a spot on your bathroom countertop. Visit the link above to learn more about the science behind Regenerate UK that makes this easy to use system so remarkable.





A package that reads “For Discerning Night Owls” is guaranteed to peak my interest. Anything that can assist in keeping me alert on long work days and relax me before bedtime so my mind doesn’t run it’s usual nightly marathon is a welcome treat! ”Faust’s Potions” accompanied me to my very first event with BAMMA where I was hosting/presenting all evening and then catching a bus at 3am to get on a plane home at 6am.

What I liked about these little “shots” is that they were so convenient to travel with and didn’t have the bitter taste I was expecting! The “Awake” potion kept me energised all night and was a mild citrus flavour, containing electrolytes, ginseng, guiana, green tea, B vitamins and Vitamin C.

The “Sleep” potion, to me, tasted more herbal (electrolytes, 5HTP, B Vitamins, N-AcetylCysteine (NAC))and relaxed me so I was able to sleep blissfully. What further intrigues me about this particular potion is that it helps prevent a hangover! For THIS I must acquire more potions immediately…because who doesn’t love a few too many Pinot Grigio’s on girls nights out? I look forward to having my friends try it too after our usual “Wine Tasting” AKA end up in a 2am dance session to Michael Jackson’s ”PYT”.





My final stop in this campaign that I am honored to have the privilege of being included on is with an innovative clothing brand that I know you’ll want to see more of: TOTAL BLACK. It’s dark…very dark…edginess is so on trend for Fall and had me brimming with excitement to venture into the new season! Part rocker chic and part indie cool, this brand designs on a concept of “minimalism and symmetry”. The strength in their designs lie in their beautiful simplicity. Take the diamond tear drop logo, for example. They’ve figured out how to infuse subtle femininity into enviable “cool girl” pieces.

I’m wearing the “Dürer” T-shirt (buy HERE) that is available for both men and women. Total Black offers worldwide shipping but is a proud London based brand. The difference in fabric quality from Total Black and other brands is pretty outstanding! You’ll see what I mean when you purchase yours, how soft the fabric is yet with enough stretch to hug your body in a flattering way. While their whole collection is covetable this particular shirt is so versatile that I look forward to pairing it in so many ways. A leopard blazer over top of it? A long maxi skirt to anchor it down? The possibilities are endless! It’s an effortless #StreetStyle moment waiting to happen.


In conclusion I’d like to thank @Social_Berry for choosing me for this luxurious  #LFW campaign. They’ve been so wonderful in their correspondence and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Let’s hope it’s the first of many collaborations!

I would also like to thank the designers and brands above for the generosity and the well thought out, personal touches they added to their packages and for their helpful messages online when I reached out with questions. I am so glad that Social Berry virtually introduced us!

Happy London Fashion Week to all!

Fashionably yours,


(Comment below and/or tweet your feedback: @SoCalValerie)

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