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London Street Style

London Street Style


What I wore…

Hat: Vintage Sunglasses: Nordstrom (Tampa) Jacket: XXI (Los Angeles) Gloves: Accessorize (London) Top: Camden Market (London) Skirt: TopShop (London)

Bag: Aldo (Orlando) Tights: Primark (London) Shoes: Primark (London)

Musical Inspiration: “24 Hours” by Sky Ferreria

Style Inspiration: Kate Moss

Taking a vacation (literally) from my usual prim, proper & preppy looks can be a lot of fun. A recent trip to London inspired me to try and emulate the “London Street Style” I see from chic city-goers every time I’m in town. There is something very “Kate Moss” about this particular look; a carefully put together outfit that looks effortless. Touches of leather and a few masculine pieces give it a bit of an edge. Miss Moss knows more than anyone that the sexiest looks are the ones that give the impression that you just “threw it on”. That tousled bedhead look she’s made famous is a great example.

A simple black felt bowler hat I found in a Tampa goodwill store was the start of this look. To my Florida readers I should mention that this particular Goodwill is one of THE best I’ve ever been to so I am including the address below! (Please refer to my article “Vintage Shopping with Val” for tips & tricks on getting the most out of resale stores.)

Adding the fingerless leather gloves and aviators also lent to the “edginess” of the outfit. But I wanted to juxtapose these rock n roll pieces with a few feminine touches like this Chanel perfume bottle top and skater skirt. If you were to remove the leather jacket it’s actually a very girly silhouette. But this is London, baby! The perfect place to push your fashion sense to new unexpected heights! I literally walked around the city feeling very appropriate in this look; passing old record stores and the famed “Rock N Roll Walk”. As a final note, remember that black tights are not only chic (and very popular in London), they’re a very inexpensive way to add polish to any outfit. 

Wherever you live I encourage you to get in touch with your inner “cool chick” for a day. Sure it may take a little courage but it’s liberating to challenge your style and play a character now and again. If you’re a little timid like I was don’t worry. That ladylike pearl necklace will still be there tomorrow. Right where you left it…





(Photo Credit & Special thanks to amazing London photographer Sophie Abbott! Visit her online portfolio here: )

Goodwill Tampa Superstore

4102 W Hillsborough Ave

Tampa, FL 33614

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