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M&S – The NEW gold standard

M&S – The NEW gold standard

With the number of fashion bloggers increasing by the day, standing out from the rest is paramount. I try to make a habit out of finding outfits at charity and vintage shops so the the horrific nightmare of wearing the same outfit as someone else doesn’t become a reality. Searching endlessly for sartorial treasures is something I really enjoy! Sometimes I fall in love with an outfit in the most curious places…and other times a great look is right under my nose. Today’s entire look, for example, was purchased in the same store that I frequently shop for groceries: Marks and Spencer.

While perusing the aisles for what I consider to be “essentials” like kalamata olives, Prosecco, whole wheat pasta etc. I veered off course into the clothing section of the store. I’d noticed it before but never had time to really stop and look. This time I remembered an article I read in a magazine several months ago that explained how M&S was looking to reinvigorate their style section. No longer did they want to be considered for only the over 40 set. They were introducing new looks and exciting guest designer collaborations that would set the new tone for how they were perceived. Well BRAVO to them for doing just that!

Making my way around the store I discovered womenswear that was anything but drab and dated. I saw skirts in luscious velvet (as seen here) gloves and bags in supple leathers and the most beautiful, artsy jewellery. I appreciated the variety and thoughtful displays that showcased versatile pieces. All with a contemporary approach to fashion.

The look I chose too feature here is a monochramatic look in the most decadent shades of gold. Crushed velvet is a weakness of mine in colder seasons. This skirt, to my surprise, complemented so many other pieces in my wardrobe. The silk top, with it’s dreamy Renaissance sleeves spoke to the Ren-Faire nerd in me. It makes me feel like an absolute princess! The jewellery added a final touch of glamour with a 1920’s art deco style bracelet and matching statement earrings.

With an outfit this show-stopping I’ll have to expect a lot of compliments. I’m also fully prepared for the look of shock when I tell them I’m dressed head to toe in a store that I once associated with microvewable meals! Chalk this up to me being new here in the UK. I now know better. M&S has earned a permanent place in my closet.

Fashionably yours,

**Photography by the amazing Sarah Ellen! Visit her on Twitter @OhItsSare and Instagram @sarahellenb_photograhy 

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