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Magical Beanie


So there I was sitting at an outdoor cafe in London having lunch with my sister when this effortlessly chic girl passes by in an almost all black ensemble. What I noticed first was her simple but super stylish black beanie and oversized classic black sunglasses. Then I looked beyond the accessories to realize I recognized the face underneath from a fantastical world I am all too familiar with. It was Katie Leung AKA CHO CHANG! From freakin’ HARRY POTTER!!!

Anyone that knows me knows a moment like this was one where I would turn into the ultimate Fan-Girl. (Duh.) So I started to gush to my sister about how cool it was to see an actress from my most beloved movie franchise ever. Plus, with me being an ever observant fashionista, I thought it was an added bonus that I could appreciate more than anyone how stylish she looked in her undercover glam getup.

Being a girl’s girl I am always complimenting other girls on their street style looks. I love when it looks like she’s taken extra time to think about her accessories or a special hairdo. What I took away from this particularly exciting #StreetStyle sighting was how a basic black beanie and sunglasses can translate into a super put together look. I found a beanie of my own in an unmarked London stall and couldn’t wait to get home and style it. As you may have noticed from past posts I LOVE hats but one in a slouchier shape was new to me.

I chose to pair mine with simple but figure hugging black pants, a ridiculously long scarf (that doubles as a cozy shawl on planes, mind you) and a white and black script printed tee to add some interest. Adding super tall vintage boots ensures I feel more “model off duty” than “hipster chick”. Flats would (at least to me) feel way too casual here.

This is now a go-to outfit of mine for airports: my favorite place of all to try new looks! It’s important to look stylish at all times because you never know who you might see? It could be…magical. See what I did there? 😉

**Special thanks to Miss Katie Leung for not only being style inspiration for this post but for being so gracious in her tweets/messages to me and encouraging my blog! Please follow her on Twitter @Kt_Leung and stay updated on her upcoming projects here: ***


-V. Xoxo

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