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Dress: Hems & Fitz

(Available here:

Shoes: Pink & Pepper

Musical Inspiration: “IronMan” –Black Sabbath

There are few things in life that thrill me more than a new dress. But one of them is MARVEL! I am a HUGE fan of Marvel films, primarily The Avengers and the corresponding films associated with each individual Avenger. I hosted a segment called “Fightin’ Fanboys” for and was so honored to be featured on their website! Through the show I met some great people who work for Marvel and therefore was given the grand tour of their headquarters in New York City. It is a treasure trove of Marvel merchandise, movie props, original artwork and more. As you can see by the photos I letter my inner geek shine as brightly as my diamond and pearl necklace.

In deciding what to wear to this MARVEL-ous occasion this playful black and white dress was a no brainer. The classic silhouette would be perfect for a stroll around the city in my very own “Carrie Bradshaw” moment. I kept the look “preppy” with a simple black ribbon headband, matching oxford pumps and a black pearl & crystal necklace I randomly picked up at an accessories kiosk in an airport in Germany.

This dress is one of a few looks I’ll be featuring here in the blog from a fabulous brand called “Hems & Fitz”! Take a look at their online boutique here ….

So in closing I’d like to encourage you to find an outfit that brings out your inner superhero. Personally, my superpowers have always been feeling 100% comfortable in a full skirt and high heels.


–V. xoxo





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