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Hey gang! As you know Summer is almost here and for all of us that means the dreaded BIKINI SEASON is upon us! Though I pose in a lot of lingerie and bikinis I am truly not a fan of wearing a bikini in front of others and have my own body issues. What I needed earlier this year was a little supplemental help after I made the personal decision to get serious about exercising more frequently, eating more mindfully and drinking more water. The bikini photos accompanying this post were taken approximately three months after I started using Nutribuddy.


I use the word “mindful” a lot when I discuss nutrition, supplements and fitness because for me that’s what I need to be. Mindful of what I am putting into my body! For every right decision I make in eating or drinking healthy I find it makes the next choice even easier. It’s not a diet or a “detox”. I don’t believe in shocking the body that way. I believe in getting into the habit of eating “clean” MOST of the time. My rule is to eat and drink healthy 80% of the time and indulge the other 20%. What I loved about Nutribuddy was that taking the daily multivitamin every morning put me into a “mindful” state to start my day right and make good choices. It’s amazing how just a few simple changes can impact your routine!


To put it simply what I did was take one Nutribuddy multi-vitamin in the morning and take one Hunger Fix tablet around 30 mins before each meal with a FULL glass of water. Now I have to be honest…I am not a fan of “fat burners” per say (and that is not what the Hunger Fix tablets are). Over the years I’ve tried a few mild “fat burning supplements” and found they made my heart race and made me feel very uncomfortable. With the Hunger Fix tablets I found that taking just one tablet was enough to suppress my appetite a bit. I strongly suggest drinking a FULL glass of water (the bigger the better) before every meal whether you are taking the pills or not. It’s a great “mind trick” that tells your body it’s full so you eat less. I also suggest lots of small meals. Be constantly snacking on healthy things rather than eating three large meals and starving inbetween. This wreaks havoc on your metabolism!


The last product I reviewed for Nutribuddy is their yummy sculpted whey protein powder! I opted for vanilla as I found it mixes nicely with water if I’m in a hurry or mix it with your favorite type of milk and some fresh fruit for a smoothie! Another fun combo was adding smooth organic peanut butter and half of a banana to my usual unsweetened almond milk and vanilla Nutribuddy protein powder Mix. It’s perfect for your post-workout routine and will tide you over until your next meal.

Thank you to Nutribuddy UK for graciously awarding me these products and I hope you’ve enjoyed my honest review of my personal experience with each one. If you’d like to try NutriBuddy for yourself please visit or to purchase the exact “Weight Loss Starter Kit” that I used here is a direct link to order.


Now go forth and embrace bikini season with confidence!

-V. Xoxo

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