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Pinup Route


What I wore:

Hair Pins: “Downtown Abbey” collection Top: Express Skirt: Bebe Coat: Vintage Brooch: Vintage Shoes: Vintage —

What is it about train travel that seems so deliciously retro? I like that it inspires me (even more than usual) to channel my inner 1940’s bombshell. It all started with this 100% cashmere wool coat with a REAL mink collar: found at a Goodwill shop in Orlando for $4.29. Yes, you read that correctly. Ahhh the rewards of vintage/thrift shopping so often never cease to amaze me!

I chose to incorporate a classic polka dot print to lend some whimsy to the look. I opted for loose retro waves and classic makeup, vintage style hair jewelry and a vintage costume brooch that belonged to my grandmother. The shoes were purchased the same day as the coat for around $7. Aren’t the scalloped edges so sweet?

This outfit is so “me”! I always feel most at home in vintage looks. If I ever look in the mirror wondering what “look” or “character” I feel like portraying that day, my inner voice always says: When in doubt, take the #Pinup route.

-V. Xoxo

**Special thanks to Winter Park, Florida’s @SunRail for the hospitality and inspiration!**

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