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Pop of Pink

Pop of Pink


What I wore…

–Sunglasses: Dechoes

–Top: Monteau

–Jeans: HUE

–Bag: Fiorelli

–Shoes: Jeff & Kristi “Twyla” Flats

Musical Pairing: “Pink” by Aerosmith


Black & White is one of my most loved pairings for many reasons. Mostly because when wearing black & white you’re sort of creating a blank canvas. A perfect backdrop for a much needed “pop of color”. Today I chose these bright bubblegum pink ballet flats with a sweet bow detail at the toe that I’ve been dying to wear since purchasing them at my favorite store in Orlando: Dechoes Resale. . But! Any color would compliment this outfit. A bright orange handbag, cherry red heels, a cobalt blue belt, etc. Is there something bright and colorful in your closet that you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Pair it with black & white!

The Jeans: I am HUGE on jeggings as opposed to jeans. Because I so rarely wear jeans the heavy denim fabric feels heavy on me. I like the idea of a lighter fabric, tighter fit and looser waistband as opposed to all that hardware and weight on your frame. HUE is an amazing brand for really comfortable jeggings in every style and color. Their fabric provides enough coverage so they LOOK like jeans but none of the hassle. And before you ask…why my aversion to jeans? I sort of feel they too often promote a “too casual” look. I like them for certain outings and when you are in an “edgier” mood but I’d personally choose a skirt over pants ANY day. Just feels dressier. More “ladylike”. But again…that’s just me. Go on with your bad denim self if you feel like it, girrrrl! 😉

Quick word about this purse too! Though it seldom FEELS like Fall/Winter in Florida I immediately put this bag into my purse rotation as soon as September rolls around. I get SO many compliments on the unique fur and metal combination. I purchased it overseas as my one special item to bring back to the states to commemorate my first trip to London. (It is a UK brand, after all. But you can shop the collection online: This bag goes with practically EVERY Fall/Winter outfit I own. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a cold-weather season staple in your wardrobe. The quality is superb and it looks SO much more expensive than it is…thanks in my opinion to the shine & weight of the gigantic silver buckle. Plus the cheery fuchsia fabric lining the inside will pep you up every time you open it! It’s ALL in the details, right? 😉

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