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Prep School

Prep School


What I wore…

Beret: Vintage Blouse: Forever 21 Suspender Dress: Derek Heart Knee Socks: H&M Shoes: Zara Necklace: River Island Rings: Swarovski, Primark Bag: Fiorelli Musical Inspiration: “Busy Earnin'” –by Jungle

This outfit is a perfect representation of what my signature style is: Classic, a bit of sparkle and a hint of “Prep School”. Since I was a little girl I’ve always been drawn to anything that feels like a school uniform. Plaid, Collared shirts, Knee socks, Oxfords etc. and if that makes me “preppy” (a nickname for me by a few old friends) then so be it! I prefer to call it “Scholastic Sophistication” thank you very much.

A simple beret and knee socks may very well be two of my favorite accessories of all time. They really MAKE the look. As with every trademark accessory, their job is to let people know you live for Fashion, took time to plan your outfit and feel confident in it.

This black dress with attached suspenders was perfect over this loose white blouse. I chose to pair the basic black and white palette with touches of silver metallic accessories and a bold cranberry lip. For my beauty babes out there this is MAC’s “Brick-O-La” lipstick that’s one of my favorite go-to shades for colder seasons. Same goes for the OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” nail color.

Channel your inner school girl this season with a great statement bag, bold jewelry and absolute NO apologies.

–V. xoxo

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