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Product Review: Argand’Or (*PROMO CODE INSIDE! 25% off!*)



When it comes to skincare products I have a few basic rules. I only use products that have a subtle fresh scent and are light enough to let my skin “breathe” through. I abhor anything that feels heavy, is overly perfumed or appears greasy. I recently found a very special skincare brand that adheres to all of my personal rules. It’s called Argand’Or!

This German based company has incorporated pure argan oil straight from Morocco into a line of skincare products that you’ll be happy to introduce to your daily skincare regimen. The three products featured here are my favorites. So let’s break each one down and I’ll explain how they’ve improved my skin in the various ways I’ve used them.

Face Cream:


I was so impressed with this face cream. I am always particular about moisturizers because I’ve found that so many of them either clog your pores or simply don’t hydrate enough. This cream is rich and velvety smooth but surprisingly feels very light when applied to your skin. It will not cause breakouts. I’ve noticed it really has improved the smoothness of my skin.

Body Lotion:


This lotion smells amazing! And again, even though it contains pure argan oil the formula is not at all greasy. It seeps in quickly so you can get dressed right after application. Argan oil, by the way, has TWO times the Vitamin E of olive oil so it’s a natural anti-aging product.

Pure Argan Oil:


The versatility of this product makes it well worth the purchase. I love rubbing it into my nail beds, especially when I’m doing my own pedicure. The next time you’re having a leisurely night in, try slathering a generous amount on your toes and heels. Now slip some socks on, get a good nights sleep and wake up to find that your cracked cuticles and rough heels are now healthy & hydrated. Pretty feet are so important in Summer! How else can you show off all those sexy sandals?

I’ve also treated the Pure Argan Oil like a hair mask! I apply it to the ends of my hair, throw it into a loose bun and sleep on it. In the morning after I’ve shampooed it I’m left with silky smooth locks! Another great use for the oil as a “hair mask” is to slather it on at the pool. Sitting in the heat for a bit will help the product to deeply set in.

Finally, it’s also great to apply a few drops to the ends of your hair after everyday styling. Especially if you’re doing a sleek, straight look. Just be careful not to use too much. You only need a couple drops to repair and smooth your split ends!

If you aren’t completely sold on these products (which I’m sure you are!) I’m happy to report that all products from Argand’Or are 100% vegan, certified natural/organic and animal cruelty free! In fact, the company has run various reforestation projects to save endangered Argan trees. So when you’re using these products you can rest easy knowing you’re using what is natural, from the Earth and you’re helping to make the planet a better place at the same time. I LOVE that.

I’ve even got my Mom on the Argand’Or bandwagon! I’ve been telling all my girlfriends to give it a try too. The products are featured in my “June Favorites” video on YouTube which you can watch below! If you’d like to try Argand’Or, the brand has generously provided a promo code that will give you 25% off of your order! Just enter SOCALVAL2014 at checkout! Visit now to start shopping.

Thanks for letting me share this awesome new skincare line with you. If there’s a product you’d like to see reviewed here on the blog please use the “Ask Val” contact form.

–V. xoxo

Argand’Or products can be purchased online. Go to

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