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Purple “Russian” Coat

Purple “Russian” Coat


What I wore…

Purchased: Goodwill

Brand: Qianyuhongren

Price: Around $20

Style Tip: Wear with nuetrals. Let the coat stand out on it’s own.

Musical Pairing: LAVA – Vova (Paulijan Remix)

Worn With:

–Black Skirt (Bebe)

–Black Leather Heels (Sam Edelman Boutique)

–Twilight ‘Rosalie’ Necklace (Amazon)

–Black Bag (Aldo)


I had to start the blog with a funny story that I still get a kick out of. As I often do, I’m shopping at “Goodwill” thrift stores hunting for treasure when my girlfriend walks up with this purple coat saying “Ugh! Who would wear this crazy thing?”. I grabbed it immediately and started gushing over how beautiful I thought it was. Is it possible that not everyone would agree? Is it possible I would get weird looks from strangers and eye rolls from my friends? Why yes. And I could not POSSIBLY give a darn.

This coat was around $20 at Goodwill. I was immediately drawn to the color first as I LOVE a good excuse to wear deep plums and purple eyeshadows that would compliment it. But….the FUR! Wow. It is faux of course (Calm down, Peta…) but feels amazingly soft and similar to real rabbit fur. It has an interesting sort of brocade/chinoiserie pattern that I loved as well. Putting it on and tying that sash with the little fluffy furballs on the ends cinched the deal. I HAD to have it. It was a size or two too large but luckily with coats, especially winter ones, you can get away with it. Since the style of the coats collar is SO “in your face” I envisioned wearing it mostly with a high ponytail. Here in these photos I opted for hair down for a night out, but the next day I took the coat for a test drive in a ponytail, walking around Central London. I felt like a Russian bond girl! (Which is funny because the brand is Chinese!) In fact, a few weeks later I was watching a documentary where they showed street scenes of people walking around Moscow and what were a few of the ladies wearing? Furry coats in cotton candy hues. So ya see? If you truly love a piece of clothing you should rock it. If your friends aren’t digging it just reply “This is how they do it in Moscow”.

Stay brave, my fashion friends!

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