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Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Holiday greetings to you, fashionistas! I received great feedback from last months article in which I encouraged you all to start treasure hunting in charity shops. This season, more than any other, it’s important to be frugal with fashion. So I’ll further this notion with another inexpensive outfit that I’ve styled to look expensive, elegant and polished. 

While charity shops are outstanding…the one gripe I have with them is unpredictability. You can’t go in with a specific outfit in mind as you never know what you’re going to stumble across! If you’re on the hunt for something in particular let me offer another idea. Grocery stores! Yes, you read that right. The outfit I’m wearing is from Sainsbury’s “Tu Clothing” line and costs under £30. The mustard coloured bow blouse and houndstooth pencil skirt caught my eye immediately when I walked in to purchase groceries. I’m of the belief that #OutfitInspo can strike at any moment! You can score amazing deals anywhere, as long as you remain open to the idea that your wardrobe should be ever evolving.

What I love about this look is that it’s reminiscent of a 1950’s understated bombshell. “Secretary chic” as I call it! I can picture Joan Holloway sashaying through the office in “Mad Men” in this simple yet sultry top and skirt combo. It’s covered up but still displays your curves perfectly. I added a black cape (from Amazon Fashion) and a simple vintage hat to take the look out of the “office” and onto the streets. Plus a round handbag is something I find SO alluring! Retro, practical and very rare to find. 

What I hope you’ve learned today is that supermarkets can be SUPER indeed when it comes to style. Have a look around the clothing section of your local Sainsbury’s next time you’re doing your weekly shop. Your next show stopping ensemble could be right there, beside the avocado’s! 

Stay fashionable my friends, 

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