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Sashay into the New Year

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Greetings fashionistas! We are barely into the year 2019 but here’s a resolution I’ve kept thus far: wearing my most fashionably fun outfits NOW and not saving them for a special occasion. In speaking to my stylish friends I discovered we all make this same excuse! We buy a particularly thrilling outfit or accessory and put it away somewhere, waiting in vain for that “perfect” time to debut the look. We have to ask ourselves…what is the point of that?

I’ll use these shockingly bright pink trousers as an example. I saw them (in Sainsbury’s no less) and went “WOW”! These are so cool and striking. Where on earth will I wear them? The answer is anywhere and everywhere. They bring me a lot of joy and strike up a lot of conversations with women who are like minded with fashion. Instead of storing them in there back of my closet for a rainy day I vowed to take them home and style them in at least 3 ways. The look I’ve shared with you here is by far my favourite. Since they have a structured shape I opted to pair them with a tailored blazer on top. For a whimsical touch I added a fur shrug and a statement tee underneath.

The statement is Rupaul, by the way. If you don’t hear much from me in 2019 it may be due to my campaigning for her to be my home country’s President. But all kidding aside, I urge you to first find your “WOW” piece, whether it be in your own closet or a new purchase, and wear it proudly. Wear it now! Not later. Great style deserves to be in the forefront of your life. And I think Rupaul would certainly agree with that.

**Photo Credit: @MMaurice_Photo (on Twitter) visit her online at:

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