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“School Girl Socks”

“School Girl Socks”

When Films Inspire Fashion….


What I Wore…

–Hat: Bealls –Sunglasses: River Island –Necklace: Amazon (Rosalie “Twilight” Replica Necklace) –Watch: Dolce & Gabbana –Top: XXI –Socks: JCrew –Bag: Fiorelli –Shoes: Xhiliration

Inpired by: Mary Jane of “Spiderman”, Jordan Baker of “The Great Gatsby”

Musical Pairing: “Sleepless” by Flume


Other than myself and Mary Jane from Spiderman (Emma Stone version), I’m not certain who else feels 100% comfortable in knee length socks. I am obsessed with finding socks at this length AND in “over the knee” styles. A lot harder to find than one would think. I view “schoolgirl socks” as fun, playful and an homage to Cher Horowitz. Downside: they only make sense in colder seasons. Upside: They are a VERY inexpensive way to add some pizazz to your look.

These are a fabulous brand (God bless you, JCrew!) and were only $12! I literally build an entire outfit around them. I kept this look anchored in basic black but if the pairs YOU like have more colors in them you can certainly use any that compliment the socks.

This hat is something I want to touch on, as well. Most people aren’t into such a close fitted style. But we have Baz Luhrman to thank for changing some of our ideas as to what’s on trend right now and what isn’t. This is definitely more of a ’20s style hat that I bought long before the new “Gatsby” came out but now is the perfect time to break it back in! Having a convertible I originally purchased it for driving in (no tacky ball caps for this girl!) but seeing the film made me anxious to start incorporating it back into my wardrobe! I’d suggest pairing it with a bold crimson lip that’ll really stand out.



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