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Schwerin Dream

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Greetings from Germany fashionistas! Today I’m whisking you away to Schwerin castle…the perfect backdrop to showcase an outfit by H&M that is SHEER brilliance.

Sheer (or “see through”) fabrics are trendy in warmer months for obvious reasons…they keep you looking and feeling cool. There’s an ethereal quality to wearing a billowing tulle skirt that blows in the breeze. Like a grown up tutu, really! I overlaid this sheer, elastic waisted skirt from H&M with a simple black pleated skirt found in a vintage store. I found the most darling sheer blouse from H&M to match that has delicate flowers embroidered onto it. To me this combo is the perfect romantic ensemble for garden strolls around a castle. Don’t even get me started on how much of a Princess I felt like while floating down the dreamy staircase. What a moment!

I finished the look with a tiara…-like headband for extra regality. It’s on sale now at Mango and can be worn with both casual and fancier looks. I think it completes the fairytale quite nicely, don’t you?


**Special thanks to my friend Arno for being a tremendous tour guide AND photographer this trip. We had SO much fun! I can’t recommend Schwerin Castle and the city of Hamburg more for your next travel destination.

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