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SKII Skincare


Hey there beauty mavens! So recently I received a few free products from Influenster to try and was so thrilled that SKII was a brand I was chosen to review. One of my favorite actresses Cate Blanchett is an ambassador of the brand and is famous for her flawless porcelain skin, which she credits to SKII. I’d heard good things from other blogs about the products and I’m so happy to report that my personal review of SKII skincare produced STELLAR results.

The toning essence was almost to good to be true. I even had my Mother try it as she often tried various skincare products both pricey and inexpensive so I knew she’d give me her honest opinion. It was the same as mine: WOW. After even one application you can feel a difference. A “tightening” is how I would describe it. As if your pores have shrunken and your skin has a new “bounce” to it. Simply place a few drops in your hands, rub together and pat onto face and neck. That’s it!

The mask was a sort of odd, gooey consistency when unfolded and applied to the skin. It gave the same results as the toning essence just in a thicker, deeper application. The best thing about this mask is that it’s reusable. Just fold it back up, put it back in the pouch it came in, seal it up (I used a chip clip. Because I’m fancy like that…) and pop it in the fridge. As an added bonus I think you’ll enjoy this refreshing, cooling sensation when you apply the mask chilled. Sit back and relax and let it work magic on your skin! I recommend applying the mask once a week.


I absolutely hate when products promise incredible results and don’t deliver. This is a collection of skincare products that will seriously change the look and feel of your skin for the better. I recommend trying a small size of the toning essence first as a test before investing in the pricier large size. Give me your feedback below and let me know how it worked for you!

-V. xoxo

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