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Spotlight On: “Bonita Fitnesswear”

Spotlight on: Bonita Fitnesswear


Designer: Simone Johnson Brand Origin: Australia Where to Buy:

I cannot say enough good things about the “Bonita Fitnesswear” line. But the first thing that really drew me in were the sumptuous colors chosen by brand designer: Simone Johnson. As a girly girl I am always on the lookout for gym clothes that have a bit of “fashion” mixed in with the “function” you need when working out. It has to be comfortable, it has to move well and above all else it has to reflect your style. For this collection Simone has chosen beautiful candy coated shades of feminine pinks, soft purples and flattering aquas to pop against a traditional palette of black, white and gray with a slash of cool silver mixed in. I will be honest in saying for my American friends and I it’s been quite special to represent an Australian brand in the gym knowing that we’re some of the first to wear this brand in the states. The “Bonita” logo demands attention but is printed in a way that’s still subtle and chic. (Not overpowering.) The brand was also featured in one of the countries most fashion forward publications: ‘Slenderbread Magazine’ in their most recent Fitness article (shown here modeled by me) gaining National U.S. exposure….


If I had to pick a favorite piece it would be the Gemma crop top (shown below in aqua and black) for its unique design. Worn alone or (as demonstrated in my gym candid) layered underneath a top in a contrasting color it’s a very different approach to the basic sportsbra. Again, function is in the bra but the criss crossed design lends a certain sexiness to the overall look…


Want more Bonita? Visit today to view the entire line of fabulous, feminine looks that will surely inspire you to get fit and look great doing so! Follow the brand on Facebook as well to stay updated with the latest

Editors Note:: Part 2 of this article will feature an in depth interview with Bonita designer: Simone Johnson. STAY TUNED!

(Photo Credit: Bonita Fitnesswear, Photographer Betsy Hansen and Slenderbread Magazine )

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