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Spring Fashion Forecast

My Spring Fashion Forecast….


Here is why I (shouldn’t) dread Spring…

  As a native Texas, California and Florida girl (yes I claim all three…) it sounds ridiculous that I absolutely DREAD Spring and Summer. Though I currently reside in hot, humid Orlando, Florida I am ecstatic when I have the excuse to escape to places with chilly weather. Like most of my logic…fashion is to blame! There is nothing I love more than layering coats, scarves, berets, gloves etc. in deep jewel tones & heavy winter fabrics. As soon as the weather turns cold you’ll find me flitting around town in sumptuous faux fur shawls, knee socks & leather boots. 

So when the temperature heats up I always fall into a sartorial depression. What on EARTH do I wear now? What can I wear in the sweltering heat that still looks polished and fashion forward? This season I left it up to the pages of my favorite fashion magazines to inspire me. Luckily there are a LOT of trends to look forward to that I’d love to share with you. In case you’re in need of a little pick me up! Here are a few trends you can start incorporating into your Spring/Summer wardrobe that will ensure you look COOL while it’s HOT!

(Refer to photo in order LEFT to RIGHT. Click to enlarge!)


(As seen at::: Balenciaga)

I love the structured looks sent down the Balenciaga runway. Hot weather doesn’t mean you have to dress sloppily. These little suits are in fresh, crisp hues but they remain chic in their structured shape. Spring/Summer is the perfect time to wear a blank canvas of all white, cream or nude. 

–Cropped Tops

(As seen at::: Calvin Klein) 

I’ve already gotten in on this trend myself and wore a very similar cropped top with a longer skirt. For an outdoor festival I personally chose a softer, pleated cream chiffon skirt that hits at the ankle. However, the darker, more grown-up skirt/cropped top combo seen here at Calvin Klein is a fancier way to wear it. Just a little sliver of skin is sexy enough without being too revealing! It’s cool to know you can dress this simple style of top up or down. Versatility means more bang for your buck!

–BOLD color

(As seen at::: Dolce & Gabbana)

Isn’t this shade of red so powerful? I LOVE that Dolce & Gabbana are bringing back the slipdress here. This cherry red may be my favorite new color to integrate into my wardrobe. Which….as a redhead….I usually shy away from. I especially love that they paired it with polka dot heels and a retro structured bag! Very “Pinup”. 

–Black & White

(As seen at::: Victoria Beckham)

Color is great but conversely…I DO love a classic black and white ensemble. It looks especially fresh in hotter climates. Reminiscent of Jackie O’s timeless style. Victoria Beckham added a sort of “school girl” element to this little suit she designed. I would LOVE to pair with a pop of color either on a bag, shoe or pair of sunglasses. Treat a black and white outfit like a neutral. You’re free to either keep it minimal or have fun adding interesting accessories!

–Sweet Party Dresses

(As seen at::: Zac Posen)

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Zac Posen. If you view his entire Spring RTW collection you’ll notice the feminine tea dress has been revived in a very modern way. He is the MASTER of dress-making in my opinion and the shapes he created for this collection are super sexy. The example I used here combines the girly, frothy, dream-like quality I’d love to incorporate to my wardrobe. Tea and crumpets anyone? 

I’d love to hear your feedback! Follow me on Twitter (@SOCALVALERIE) and visit my blog “The Art of Overdressing” to share your favorite Spring looks with me. Let’s inspire each other! 

–Valerie W.


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